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You’re not alone, mama. It’s hard when you’re trying to find that peace and balance in your life that brings you joy… but you feel so different from the other moms out there. When you’re ready to kick your stress to the curb in a judgement free zone, come home to The Mom’s Online Mastermind.

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Join us on our Facebook community page to connect with other moms from around the globe on their quest to lessen the amount of stress in their lives! Our Facebook page is the home of the Monday Morning Mama Show, meditations, social activities, and daily interactive posts with tips and tricks to improve your life!

Struggling with this mom life? Not sure where you fit in? Stress and overwhelm up to your eyeballs? Maybe you’re curious about M.O.M. services and want to pick my brain? Whatever the reason, schedule a FREE coffee chat with me – a 15-20 minute call designed to get you quick answers and quick results!

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About the Founder

Jessica Dugas - Founding Member

Jessica Dugas is the owner of JustDetermined.com and the founding member of the Mom’s Online Mastermind community. She is an intuitive empath, a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified AromaTouch Technique practitioner, Wellness Advocate, entrepreneur, wife, and a homeschooling mom of 6 beautiful children. She is committed to helping moms reduce the stress and overwhelm in their lives by encouraging them to discover a balance that works for them! As a multi-passionate woman, you can find her serving others through many modalities including, but not limited to, stress-relieving techniques, meditation, intuitive readings, community creation, accountability, essential oil education, and more.

Jessica is the author of Coping Through Change and the self proclaimed New Moon Mama leading a new moon group experience each month. She has also appeared as a guest on the Exceptional Moms Show, the Heal Your Inner Good Girl Podcast, the Meet a Yogi program presented by SadhanaOutlier Mom, the Plant Trainer’s Podcast, has been a featured member in both Exceptional Moms of Abundant Thinkers and the Spiritual Goddesses communities, and is a moderator of and regular contributor to the Homegrown Hustlers community for female entrepreneurs.

When she doesn’t have her business, wife, or mom hats on, you can find Jessica doing what multi-passionate women do best…. it would be easier to list hobbies she doesn’t have! 

Everyone is treated as individuals!

Since joining the Mom’s group, I have learned so much about myself, and what I want out of my life…..what I deserve in my life. I love the speakers and the information Jessica provides. I am so glad that I am part of this group. This is a community for mom’s, and as women, where there is no hatred, condemnation, comparison, made to feel guilty….a place of support and help to be the best person and mother you can be. Everyone is treated as individuals.

Lynn M.
Working Mom

Excellent Support for Women

Just determined provides excellent support for women, mothers and mompreneurs alike! Jessica has a beautiful warmth to her personality that allows myself to feel included, heard, and connected to other wonderful ladies.

Jess N.
Entrepreneur Mom

Something for Everyone

Jessica is an amazing person and all of the things she does. Very supportive and tries to help out any way she can. If you have a question she does her best to have an answer. Just Determined is an amazing place to be on multi levels and different groups there is most def something here for everyone!

Amanda M.

Authenticity & Personal Support

A community created with authenticity, security and personal support and growth of utmost importance. A place where strong woman come to get empowered when life seems like too much of a burden to bare. A place to lift others up when life and society tries to get them down.

Angela L.

Wonderful Community

This is a wonderful uplifting community of moms.

Giselle R.

Be Good to Yourself for a Change!

If you have never participated in a group with an owner that truly cares about every member of the group then you are wasting your time online. Jessica pours her heart and soul into the group and the members need’s every single day. She works hard to make sure we have activities that allow us to brainstorm, network, get focused, and even unwind and be good to ourselves for a change. My week would not be complete without Wednesday night wine and my fellow M.O.M.s. Thank you, Jessica Suzanne Dugas, for making my week better and my mind more focused!

Grim L.
Techy Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mom’s Online Mastermind community was formed in 2016 for all moms but is especially geared toward moms who have children between the ages of 0 and 18, who have ever experienced stress or overwhelm in their lives..

I would say, and I think most members would say, to come over to the Facebook link above and give us a try to see if it’s the right community for you!
Typically, the moms who get the most out of the community are: *Moms who experience stress and overwhelm of varying degrees.* *Moms who are action takers and willing to work to change their lives and try new things.* *Moms who are open, accepting, and loving toward those people and circumstances that are different from their norm.* *Moms who are tired of the comparisonitis that runs rampant in traditional mommy groups.* *Moms who are willing to step outside of victim mentality.* *Moms who feel “different” and may feel like they don’t fit in.* *Moms who feel they are on a spiritual journey or experiencing a spiritual awakening.*

Ultimately, the only one who can determine that, is you! However, in my experience with this community, M.O.M. is not for you if:
*You blame all outside sources for the stress in your life.* *You’re not open to try anything new.* *You do not have a desire to meet new people or do your part to create lasting friendships.* *You don’t ever experience stress.* *You are unable to just scroll by things you don’t agree with on social media.* *You cannot have a healthy relationship with people who are different than you.* *You don’t have time to be an active part of a community. Active = participation at least once a week, and during important events* *You don’t consider online communities to be a “real” communities, or online friends to be “real” friends.* *You like gossip and drama.*

The Mom’s Online Mastermind Community page and The Spiritual Mom’s Online Mastermind private membership is not affiliated with ANY religion or religious beliefs. All of our members come from very different spiritual beliefs and practices. That being said, there are spiritual words,
phrases, deity names, and spiritual practices that will likely be mentioned in the community from time to time. We do NOT, however,
participate in religious debates. In particular, the M.O.M. private membership is especially appropriate for those who consider a spiritual practice of some kind to be essential to their lives.

The Mom’s Online Mastermind hub is located on Facebook HERE. In addition, we have a closed, free Facebook group where you can engage in discussion with other moms in the privacy of a closed community. This is in the growth phase as it was recently changed from a public page back to a closed group. You can find the FREE closed Facebook group HERE. In addition, we have our Diamond Membership, AKA: The Spiritual M.O.M. This membership starts at just $17 a month and does come with an exclusive Facebook group.

You’re always welcome to email M.O.M. founder, Jessica Dugas, and ‘pick her brain’ about membership at any time! You’re also welcome to ask questions on the community Facebook page! Links to both above!

M.O.M. is a safe space for ALL moms who make the choice to be there. Jessica holds a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for those who bully or spread hate or start or participate in disrespectful conversations. If there is ever any question about acceptable behavior, it’s always better to ask than assume. Plan on coming into the M.O.M. spaces and events with an open mind, a loving heart, and at the very least a desire to hold a positive space or higher vibration for others and yourself! PS: You are loved. You are important. You are special. You are needed in this world.