Intuitive & Healing Services

A reading can help you in many ways: Offer clarity about your life. Give you direction on a decision or life path. Inspire you to look deeper into your situation. Give you motivation and get you “unstuck”. There are lots of reading options available!

An intuitive reading experience for anyone who would enjoy oracle readings on a regular basis. *BONUS* Each 365 member will receive early bird access to the LIVE New Moon Mama Experience call and ONE FREE ticket each month!

Reiki is a healing technique using life force energy to activate a person’s natural healing process to restore physical & emotional well being. Sessions are performed both locally & remotely by Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Jessica Dugas.

If you’re a mom who enjoys regular oracle readings but also would love a supportive community where you can discover balance and less stress? Then the Mom’s Online Mastermind Diamond membership is for you! *Please note: The FREE Facebook M.O.M. community does NOT include personalized oracle readings.

Meet Jessica

Jessica Dugas, a self-proclaimed “New Moon Mama“, is an entrepreneur, wife, and homeschooling mom to 6 children, ranging in age from 1-16 years old. She is the highly sensitive, empath, intuitive, semi-crunchy, plant-based, fampreneur mastermind behind her company Just Determined and the Mom’s Online Mastermind community. While her mission is to connect with moms all over the globe and help them reduce stress in their lives so they can live each day with pure joy, she also has a natural intuitive gift. This gift enables her to accurately read oracle and angel cards, connect with loved ones who have passed, and channel divine messages. She has only recently leaned in to the intuitive aspect of her being after years of suppression, denial, and even medical mis-diagnosis. However, it is easy to see her as a shining star in the world of light-workers with her natural God-given talent! You can work with Jessica through any of the links on this page.


I'm a diamond member. I receive the diamond readings once a week on Monday's and the months view at the start of each month. I look forward to these readings since they are always right on with me. I sometimes go she's not going to get this weeks NO way and then I always have to tell Jessica it was right on again and laugh due to me "doubting" it. I say give the membership a try if that isn't your thing at least give the readings a try, I love "love love" the readings. You can also leave Jessica notes if you needed more detail or questions and she's very prompt getting back to you. She's very sweet and kind and has a ton of insight, there aren't many that I would trust but I've had enough experience with her and "details" that I trust her insight with my readings.
Amanda M.
M.O.M. Diamond Membership Readings
I have had the honor to be a part of the New Moon Mama monthly call by Jessica Dugas. I have totally enjoyed them and look forward to them each and every month. I actually cannot wait for them to come. Jessica does a beautiful ritual of "saging" the group so we are all holding the intention for each other and the group. She picks out a quote or meditation that has to do with that particular months New Moon based on the astrological sign the moon is in which is always so moving and spot on. She does a group oracle card reading and an individual oracle card reading and every month she blows my mind with how accurate she and the readings are. I am in awe of this beautiful soul and this amazing lady. She has given me many a kick in the booty to get moving on my dreams and goals. I love that she is honest and tells it like it comes to her. I highly recommend attending her New Moon Mama call and check it out for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed! I know I never am!!!
Donna B.
New Moon Mama Experience
There is not enough space to say how much I have grown to love and respect this woman in such a short span of time. She gives life all her energy and she is quite intuitive. I had talked to Jessica about gaining some clarity moving forward with my brand as it was a bit fuzzy to me. She did my Ideal Client Card reading and initially jumped on a call with me to help through the fuzziness. But the thing was, the reading was jaw-dropping. From our earlier conversation, I never alluded to anything that the cards and her insightful reading produced. I am in awe of your talent lady. This is a must sign up for service of hers. Mind blowing!!
NewMoonMama (3)
Jennifer M.
Sea Calling Ideal Client Spread
Jessica's reading provided direct and meaningful insight which spoke clearly to my situation and relationship. The information she provided me with left no question as to how it would apply to me. Thank you, Jessica, for your help and guidance!
NewMoonMama (3)
Julia S.
Sea Love Relationship Reading
Jessica has done a couple of single card readings for me and both of them revealed information about the exact place that I was in my life! It was truly amazing!
NewMoonMama (3)
Paula P.
Complementary Weekly Readings
Jessica did a Sea Calling Ideal Client Spread for me and I was blown away at how accurately it described the clients who are drawn to me. She provided insight into the struggles of my ideal clients and how to best serve them. Jessica is intuitive and knows how to deliver the exact message you need to hear. If you're looking for clarity on your ideal client, this will be of great service to you!
Kara M.
Sea Calling Ideal Client Spread