The Busyness Addiction


Not that long ago a friend of mine messaged me asking if I had time to talk, and that she didn’t want to bother me if I was busy. I had never shared with her, nor anyone else in my life, about a busyness addiction. Sure. I said. I was just sitting here playing my […]

It’s OK to Be the Turtle

Well, this is a first for me on my blog in sharing about a very personal and vulnerable part of my journey. I share this with you in the space of knowing that someone else out there needs to hear my story because it is also theirs.  Last year I was introduced to a product […]

No Because Necessary

rest because

Have you ever lost rest over a quote about rest? Well, I’m talented like that! HA! I have recently been a part of an amazing 14 day challenge with Prophet Calvin Witcher which was… well… a challenge. I know it sounds funny to say that but I’ve been a part of challenge after challenge that […]

Being Enough


Do you feel like you are enough in every aspect or area of your life? How about in every relationship? And in every circumstance? This is something that is a moment to moment challenge for me as I’ve discussed before being a recovering people-pleaser. What I’ve found is that others who struggle with people pleasing, […]