Being Enough

Do you feel like you are enough in every aspect or area of your life? How about in every relationship? And in every circumstance?

This is something that is a moment to moment challenge for me as I’ve discussed before being a recovering people-pleaser. What I’ve found is that others who struggle with people pleasing, or being a “fixer”, also struggle with being enough. If they can’t please or fix, then they begin to deal with feeling inadequate.

“Symptoms” of not feeling enough are:

Feeling stressed and not really sure why.
You feel like you need to do more.
Feeling unsatisfied with your work.
Launching a new program or service or idea and immediately moving into creation mode again after launch.
Starting a lot of your sentences with “I just want…” or “I just need…” or “I should…”

I’m going to share a hard truth with you.

As a fixer and optimist I want so bad to be able to type “You ARE Enough” and then you read it and you feel enough and BOOM! the world is a better place. #TooAquariusForMyOwnGood

Here’s the hard truth: It doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. If you don’t FEEL in your heart that you are enough, you’ll never believe it.

SO, now I’m goin to share with you how you can feel “enough” in your life, but it comes with a disclaimer: I can’t make you feel it.

Bring your focus inward.

1. Stop looking to others for “approval” of what you’re doing. Do you, because you’re a freaking rockstar, damn it!
2. Tell yourself that you are enough EVERY day… THREE times a day…. TWELVE times a day…. whatever it takes.
3. “I’m sorrys” and “What ifs” are not your friends. Don’t get me wrong, apologize when you’re in the wrong, but I mean the “I’m sorrys” you give when your fixing, pleasing, or simply existing doesn’t meet your own expectations.
4. CELEBRATE. Throw an obnoxious and rowdy party for one EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you succeed! If you’re not lifting yourself up for every success, why would you keep succeeding?
5. Be present NOW. The feeling of not being enough right now is likely based off of times when you didn’t feel enough in the past and the assumption that you won’t be enough in the future. If you are doing EVERYTHING you know to do in this moment…. guess what? You. Are. Enough.

One last thought.

If you are seriously doing each and every one of those 5 things and still have feelings of not being enough, I have a 2 step process for you:

Step 1: Say to yourself, “Because I AM enough right now, I am going to choose to…. 
Step 2: Do it.

If this was helpful for you today…. if you had an aha moment…. if you are going to move forward from this moment putting conscious effort behind truly believing and feeling that you ARE enough, hit that comment button and give me a Y E S! If you’d like help in this area of your life, contact me today!