Intuitive 2020

Intuitive Outlook – 2020 Edition

Let’s do this, 2020! It’s time for me to share my intuitive outlook for this next year! 

First, I’ll start by saying this – I’m keeping things simple this year, rolling over from my word of the year from 2019, Simplicity, and I’ve therefore asked Spirit to give me messages straight and simple where ever possible. Now I know that it won’t always be that way, that not everything is black and white, but that’s part of the beauty of a relationship with Spirit is the knowing that we can ask!

Clarity Came Early

My world began being hit with intuitive clarity around October, I’d say. That was about the time that I started thinking about my one word for 2020 in reflecting on my word from 2019 and asking myself what am I going to do with this. As per usual, when I receive messages for me, I also ask Spirit, if the messages are for me to share with others as well because… well… sharing is caring right?! *wink* This year, so much of what I was receiving for myself were also messages intended to be shared. (Hmmm, is it because the Age of Aquarius is coming?!) At any rate, let’s dive in to the overall energies we’re working with this year!

Outlook: Intentional

As I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve chosen the word Intentional for my personal word of 2020. Now although choosing a word of the year is a very personal experience, Spirit was VERY clear to me that it was a message that needed to be shared. It was also clear that through my efforts of being intentional that it would pass to others as well. It’s the walk-your-talk, lead-by-example kind of message.  

We must be intentional about our lives this year, in every aspect. What does it mean to be intentional? 

Done with Intention, On Purpose, Pointing Beyond Itself as Consciousness, Calculated, Willful, Designed, Intended, Meditated, Planned, Unforced, Willing

I LOVE the last 3 words coming together. Planned – Unforced – Willing. I also love On Purpose. 

This means that throughout the year we need to look at everything we’re doing in our lives from the food we eat, to who we’re spending time and energy with, to what we’re doing for fun, to how we’re handling our business affairs or earning money, and ask ourselves if it’s in alignment with the bigger picture of what we want for our lives. As we do this, we must remember balance. If our big vision for our lives is to make 10 million dollars a year does that mean that we ONLY need to partake in money-making activities and forget ever playing a game of Uno or going to the next Star Wars movie with our friends? No. But it means we need to do it with intention saying, I’m going to plan on taking this time to play and enjoy and then I’m going to get back to work.  

Should we be intentional all the time? Absolutely. However, if you haven’t been with every aspect of your life, now is the time. 

Outlook: Collaboration

Now up until recently, the last few years have really been in an energy of gathering when it comes to relationships. We’ve been networking and building our “tribes” and gathering our peeps, if you will. 

While networking and meeting new people will all be an important part of our existence as humans, this year’s energy, and frankly going into 2021, is focused on those that we’ve already gathered. There are a few main focus points when it comes to the relationships we already have: 

1. Figure it Out – It’s time to figure out what the purpose of the relationships are that you have in your life. Sometimes, we don’t know when we meet someone what the reason is that this person has come into our lives. The truth is, this bit about figuring out the purpose of our relationships falls beautifully in line with our outlook of being Intentional. If we know what the purpose of our relationships are, we can be more purposeful with our energy and time in them and learn to appropriately prioritize them. Is someone meant to be your friend? Your colleague? A mentor? More than one? Do there need to be clearer boundaries? Figure it out!

2. Go Deeper – Now, I have a LOT of say about this particular topic so it deserves its own blog post and that will be coming soon. For now, I ask you these questions: How well do you know those you classify as your friends? Do you know the professional goals of your colleagues? How much time are you spending with those you’ve classified as family that mean something to you? I’ll leave you with that for now, but just know there’s lots more coming on this topic!

3. Team Up –  They say 2 heads are better than 1. This year, I say 2, 3, 4, 5 heads are better than 1! A big focus this year is in collaboration.  Listen, and hear me well when I say this, please: You are a POWERFUL creator and you can and are capable of achieving anything and everything you put your mind to, on your own! That said, you chose this human life for a reason and I believe that a bulk of that reason is connection with other human beings. While you very well can achieve things on your own, this year, Spirit asks you to lean into that need for connection with others and team up! Have personal goals? Team up with a friend for accountability! Need to plan a family function? Team up with another family member! Ready to start a new program or project in your business? Team up with a colleague and create and/or launch together! Whatever collaboration you partake in, this is a BEAUTIFUL energy to be in as we dive further into the Age of Aquarius where we have such a deep humanities focus. Let’s do this… TOGETHER!

Outlook: Presence

To be fair, the extreme focus on being present in our lives was something that hit me half way through 2019, but the energy of it has continued to ramp up and is therefore even more important for 2020.  Here’s the gist of being present for 2020: The past has incredible value. It teaches us things. It paves the way for the present and the future. The future holds incredible value as well. It provides us with inspiration, excitement, and holds space for our deepest desires, hopes, and dreams. The present, however, is where it’s at. 

Now, I don’t mean be present as in focus on 2020. Get more specific. Not this year, this month, this week, or even today. Be right here, in this moment. First, let me give credit where it’s due. If you’ve taken the time and been intentional about reading this blog, WELL DONE. This means that you’re honoring the past and the future by taking a moment in the present to honor it. My guess is, however, that throughout this reading you may be doing other things. Your mind may be wondering elsewhere to things that happened last year or what you need to do when you’re finished reading this. It’s natural for those things to happen, but this is what needs to happen in 2020:

Stop right here. Take a breath. Reign it back in. Take another breath. Focus back on the present. Take one more DEEP breath. It feels amazing to breathe, doesn’t it? Now read this:

What’s right now is what matters. You bring honor to your past experiences and are exalted in your future self by this very moment, right now. 

My Intuitive Outlook in One Image

When I sat down to complete the 2020 oracle spread for my Illuminate Your Spirit Community Collective, I was absolutely blown away by the overall card that I chose for my community.  This card was chosen to support my Intuitive Outlook as given by Spirit.


Intuitive 2020

The card comes from the Queen of the Moon Oracle by Stacey Demarco. First of all, it’s card number 4 and in the name of synchronicity 2020 is a 4 year in numerology. Taking creative responsibility is the theme of the 4 and I believe that’s a beautiful way to approach our goals of being intentional and present, isn’t it? 

The main word for this card is Acceptance. It’s about being present and in the moment and learning to be GOOD with what is right now. 

The crescent Moon phase depicted indicates that we need to be taking action, again an energy that beautifully complements our need to be intentional and purposeful about what we’re doing. 

Then we see 2 very different hands reaching out to one another. There’s the beautiful picture of collaboration painted. And they’re not just reaching out to come together they are creating a new and beautiful energy together. From that energy comes something beautiful, comes love, comes peace, as depicted by the doves, comes a better universe for us to be in. 

Isn’t that beautiful?