I LOVE Fall!

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I LOVE fall. Now, mind you, fall here in Alabama isn’t what it always was for me up north. The leaves don’t quite change here like they did in New England. The weather doesn’t really get to that brisk-but-manageable temperature very often if at all. It kind of goes from “the fires of hell” to “cold for no good reason” in a day sometime between December and January, HA! But all of that being said, it’s still my favorite. Fall reminds me of so many things. Have I said it already? I LOVE Fall!

The first thing that fall does for me, honestly, is cool me down. HA! I have always been a very hot-natured person. Like I said, we don’t get the kind of extreme temperature shift here like I’m used to, BUT, I’ll take any kind of cool down from the blazing Alabama sun that I can get! 

Know what else gets me going about the fall? It means it’s the start of the holidays and I love them ALL. It’s the time of year that gets me completely nostalgic and missing my family and my home town in Connecticut. We used to have these BIG holiday get-togethers growing up that I remember like it was yesterday. The WHOLE family, the most delicious all you can eat spread… gifts, laughter, fun… the whole nine!

I’m not sure that I could possibly name my favorite holiday. I truly love them all… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Ok… I might have a little bias toward the New Year. I AM the New Moon Mama after all. That became my self-proclaimed title because I absolutely thrive during any time that promotes a fresh start. I love Mondays, birthdays, the New Year… it’s totally a mindset thing! HA! I digress.

At any rate, fall really gives me the warm and fuzzies, simply because it means the holidays are near!

As I mentioned, I thrive with fresh starts. I think most people, when thinking about fall, think about weather getting colder, days getting shorter, animals hibernating, plants dying… it can really be a time of bleakness for some.

Here’s the thing: Fall is another sign of new beginnings. Why? Because in order to make space for the new, we must release the old. If you allow it to be, it’s a time for a fresh start. It’s a great time to examine the journey you’re on and the choices you’ve made since the last fall season. Fall is the time to release… to let things go.

Let’s imagine you had a small garden space. In the fall, you have pumpkins growing because the smell of pumpkin pie in the oven reminds you of holidays at your grandparents home. In the spring you plant strawberries because your favorite summer drink is strawberry lemonade. Now imagine what would happen if those pumpkins never stopped growing, you never harvested them, and/or never prepared your garden for spring? You would never have the opportunity to enjoy those delicious strawberries, right?!

So this fall, take a look at what has grown in your life over the last season. What is there now that is ready to be released? What possibilities can you see that will make you say, I LOVE Fall!?

If you take a look and see that you are ready to make some changes in your life, that you’re ready to release and make way for the new, I encourage you to download my free gift to you on this site! My guide called Three Steps to Making Positive Changes in Your Life is going to help you kick start much needed changes so that you can truly live your joy!

xoxo: Jessica