Manifestation: My Thoughts

She said, “You taught me that there’s a lot more going into manifesting than I ever considered.”

Honestly, when she said that, I was quite surprised. I haven’t really considered myself a master at manifestation. I’m pretty new to the Law of Attraction compared to many of my colleagues in the spiritual realm. However, at the same time, it rang through as truth. I DO have very different thoughts about manifestation, I suppose, than others in my field do… or at the very least… that they say.


Pray without ceasing, yes. But, God gives you hands and feet for a reason!

I immediately think of a time a few years back when I was volunteering for a local church. The church was going through

some MAJOR growing pains. At the time, I was helping out with the children’s department, completely overseeing the children’s choir and children’s service, but on a volunteer basis. This means that I had but a little tiny voice when it came to church changes. At any rate, I had a birds-eye-view of the conversation that would go back and forth between board members. There were some AMAZING ideas that were thrown back and forth between the members… amazing and practical. Ideas that would get folks excited. Yet every single meeting, no action was taken. Ideas that were presented were given a, “Well, we’ll just pray about it.” One day, I said to the director, “Listen. I absolutely believe we should pray without ceasing… but God gives us hands and feet for a reason! Why aren’t we taking action on the wings of this amazing energy?!”

I found it very odd that such people of faith, had such an issue taking action on that faith. They didn’t like my response, I’m guessing, because no one had their own response to it… nor did they take action. Ultimately, I watched them continue to flounder as time went on, before I ultimately left the church. (Note: That was NOT my reasoning for leaving the church. That’s another blog for another time haha! )

Your creator is not your own personal genie in a bottle.


I have had these same thoughts as I’ve been the same fly-on-the-wall in the spiritual community. I watch the same folks talking about manifesting their desires, with very little actual plans being made or action steps being taken. 

Listen, I don’t care whether you pray to God, manifest with the universe, do both, or none at all. Your creator is not your own personal genie in a bottle. The bottom line is, there is a LOT to be said for the power of prayer, law of attraction, and manifestation… but there’s also a lot to be said for using the hands and feet God gave you with gratitude!

What will you take action on in the new year?

xoxo: Jessica

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