Episode 1 – Why Project Joy?

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Project Joy

Episode 1: Why Project Joy?

In this episode of the Project Joy Podcast, you’ll be introduced to me, your host and Intuitive Mentor, Jessica Dugas! I’ll be sharing with you how and why the Project Joy Podcast was born, what you can expect from the show, and how you can participate in the show as well! PLUS, as with every episode, you’ll get your weekly dose of good vibes in a story of joy!

0:25 – This Week’s Story of Joy

5:55 – Do you have a story of joy to share? Email us at projectjoypodcast@gmail.com

6:14 – Who is Jessica Dugas?

8:35 – Experience in hosting

9:40 – Uncomfortable with being myself

11:32 – Vegan Podcast Academy

12:40 – What’s your message?

13:00 – Word of the Year

13:55 – Determination

14:43 – Joy

15:43 – Joy is a choice

16:38 – Come at me! HA!

17:30 – You don’t have to choose joy.

18:00 – Joy creates more joy.

18:20 – I can’t choose it for you.

18:40 – When should we launch, though?!

19:00 – Monday sucks?! Get a grip!

19:28 – What you give, you receive.

19:48 – What can you expect every Monday?

20:13 – The Breakthrough Show Season 4 coming soon!

20:55 – Next week on the Project Joy Podcast

Links to things I mentioned:

About Jessica Dugas: https://www.jessicadugas.com/my-story/

The Breakthrough Show: http://www.thebreakthroughshow.com

Vegan Podcast Academy: https://www.veganpodcastacademy.com/ (Mention you were sent by Jessica Dugas and the Project Joy Podcast!)

Word of the Year JOY: https://www.jessicadugas.com/blog/from-joy-to-simplicity/

Check out this episode of the Project Joy Podcast!

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