How Project Joy Podcast Was Born

Listen to the story of how Project Joy Podcast was born by clicking here to listen to Episode 1!

Hey! I’m Jessica Dugas, creator of Project Joy Podcast! This new podcast has a special place in my heart because it is SO personal to my own story.

In 2018 I chose the word JOY as my one “word of the year”. Now, while I’ve always been somewhat of a hopeless optimist, choosing that word really challenged me to look for the joy in every person, place, thing, and circumstance. The biggest thing I learned was that if you’re intentional about finding the joy, you’ll start to see it naturally and it will have a profound affect on your entire life. 

Oh, and one of my biggest pet peeve is when people say how much Monday sucks just because it’s Monday. So, PJP is set up to bring you a triple shot of good vibes first thing, every Monday morning in hopes that it’ll give you a new outlook on that dreaded day of the week! 

Project Joy Podcast
What to expect

What Can I Expect When I Listen to Project Joy Podcast?

Each episode of Project Joy Podcast is 15-20 minutes long and features me, Jessica Dugas, as your hostess! 

The episodes begin with a short story of joy, aka: a heart-warming or humorous story to put an immediate smile on your face. Then, after a 30 second break, you’ll hear the heart of the episode which will be directly related to the title of the show. In that portion you’ll hear about finding the joy in different areas and circumstances of your life. During the last week of every month, you’ll be treated to a special guest who will give their unique perspective on joy from their personal experience! The main portion is intended to be both informative AND entertaining! Lastly, at the end, you’ll hear about what’s coming up next week!

Topics for the 2020 season of Project Joy Podcast include: Grief, Family, Work, Birthdays, and more!

Ok I love it! How do I listen?!

Project Joy Podcast is available on several major podcast platform as well as Facebook, YouTube, and this website! It does help us if you subscribe, rate, review, and/or comment where available so we appreciate that in advance! Click a link to take you to your favorite place:

All that's great, but that doesn't tell us much about you, Jessica!

About Jessica

Well I’m just super flattered that you’d like to hear about me! Feel free to head on over to my main site to learn what makes me tick! 

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