Jessica Dugas Soul Connection Collective

A Personal & Spiritual Development Journey Among Friends


It’s clear you’re on a journey. 

You’ve been working your ass off to improve your life, deepen your spiritual connection, and make your dreams come true. 

Those around you don’t always get it, but you plug along anyway with no real support. 

You bounce from one personal habit or spiritual practice to another hoping that will be the one that sticks and BOOM your life will change. Where’s the accountability?

You’ve tried to connect with others online who are ‘like you’… committed to growth… maybe a little “woo woo”… ok… maybe a lot…  and all you’ve found are cookie-cutter communities with no regular face-to-face contact and coaches trying to sell you their latest one-size-fits-all solutions masked by “friendship” or “just wanting to connect with like-minded people”. You’re never quite sure what their intentions are, honestly.

What if you had a safe space where you could grow and explore your personal and spiritual development? What if you could have:

  • A space where you won’t be judged for exploring new things.
  • A safe space to bounce ideas in your spiritual and personal development so you could expand your knowledge and understanding. 
  • A space where you know others are also there, like you, committed to self-improvement and by extension, changing the world and will help hold you accountable for doing the same.
  • A growing knowledge base to help you in spiritual and personal development if you needed new ideas. 
  • A space where you could receive intuitive mentorship PERSONALIZED just for you.
  • A space to make face-to-face, REAL, personal connections that will change your life.

Friend, meet Soul Connection Collective !

Personal Development

Spiritual Development

Genuine Friendship


The Soul Connection Collective is a group of people, committed to their personal and spiritual growth, who understand the value of creating real and genuine connections. 

Packaged neatly in a private Facebook community, SCC members are treated to: 

  • A community of committed members ready to connect. They’re all invested, just like you!
  • Targeted “meet your peeps” engagement posts twice a week to help you break the ice in finding your new personal and spiritual besties! 
  • A weekly virtual Soul Saturday Morning Coffee chat via Zoom! Meet with your new-found friends face-to-face!
  • A growing education section with spiritual and earthly practices to get your wheels spinning, learn a new thing, or hone a craft! (Think: Scheduling and Planning Skills, Stress Relief, Essential Oil Education, Oracle Cards, Reiki, and more!)
  • A monthly “Circle of Joy” with intuitive mentorship personalized to YOU!
  • Engaging conversation topics, personal development tips, astrological updates and more, appropriate for both the woo and not so woo!
"Only just for this one post it was worth to join the club! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️"

You may be thinking, “I get the importance of spiritual and personal development and self-improvement, but what does hanging with other people have to do with that?”

Did you know that the journey you’re taking on your personal and spiritual development journey can be SUPERCHARGED by relationships in your life? YES! Here are 6 of the many reasons why:

1. They make life more fun!

2. They allow us to be more connected to humanity, making us more loving and understanding as a whole. 

3. They make life easier! You know what they say… Two heads are better than one!

4. They are a FANTASTIC mirror, helping us to see the person we are, the person we are becoming, and the person we don’t want to be. 

5. They challenge us! 

6. They enable us to be much more likely to achieve our goals and desires!



The honest truth is you may not think it’s something you really need. 

And frankly, most don’t, until they experience it.

Jeremy W.
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When Jessica first invited me to attend her Saturday coffee chats I thought, “Oh brother, another silly thing where we sit around and make ourselves feel better.” I had no real desire to attend - and I didn’t for a long time. Then Spirit said, “Pay attention to what Jessica is doing. She is doing more than having coffee with friends.” And so, I did. And from the first time I joined I saw the value I had overlooked. What Jessica is doing is redefining how we show up in this cyber world. She is carving out space to allow us the connection that we used to do in person. This rehumanizing of our cyber selves has opened up my capacity to love. It doesn’t allow me to just click a like button and move on. Instead I find myself slowing down and interacting with my fellow humans. This goes far beyond coffee chats. Jessica has taken her passion for authentic interaction and retaught the part of humanity many of us have lost. Now I find myself walking up early, getting spiffed up (like I would if I was going out) and hopping on early so I don’t miss anything. What can it hurt? Give it a try. Who knows, you might like it.

Think it’s only for the “Woo” peeps?

Think again.

Grim L.
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Let me tell you about Jessica and Illuminate Your Spirit - I have been following Jessica for like three years now. I have been a constant in her community since we first met and plan to stay that way for a long time to come. You see I'm not really a woo people - I'm open to the woo, so to speak lol, but I'm not a practicing woo person. That being said my life needed change - I needed change and when we met I was such a negative person I can't believe she didn't turn me away. I was one of those "your way is not going to work for me" kind of people - but she set me straight at my own pace, slow as I am! Jessica teaches kindness, patience, and best of all reminds us we are human and sometimes mad is a valid feeling. She teaches by example and through helpful material, she helps by being there for her community every day in every way she can be. She helps me prepare for whatever may be coming and she and the community are there if I need them. If nobody else is listening I know she and her community will, and that to me is worth it all. I'm not so into the moon phases, although I find them interesting and scarily accurate. But ... she doesn't care what I use and don't use as long as I get something from the community and I assure you I do. I'm a calmer, nicer, more patient person who works hard to find the good side of a bad situation. That was not me three years ago and I didn't think it would ever be hubby - but boy is my house calmer just from finding some inner peace. Love me some Jessica Suzanne Dugas <3

Careful about where you receive intuitive messages & spiritual guidance?

We think you should be too.

Sherri G.
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Guuuuuuurrrrllll I had to let you know that I just pulled out my reading from you in Apr 2018 about my ideal customer. I had forgotten all about it. I have made some big changes in the last 6-10 weeks and have become extremely clear about things. Low and behold. Your reading is nearly verbatim to what I have been working on. It is so accurate that it's insane. Thank you!!!! I just wanted to let you know.
Ashley R.
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Jessica held such a beautiful space for me during my reading. She picked up on several things that had been coming to the surface the few days prior. She was able to answer and provide me guidance on a multitude of areas in a very practical manner. She answered questions for me I didn’t even know I had. Jessica picked up on a message for me regarding my sister, which at the time didn’t completely make sense. However, now (four days later) it completely resonates following an experience I had with two separate sisters of mine. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to receive a reading with Jessica and I would highly recommend her!


With the Illuminate Your Spirit Community Collective you can pay by the month or commit to a year… 

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