Aaron Hill

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Aaron Hill

When asked, “when did you fall in love with music?,” Aaron Hill’s response without hesitation is, “When I was 13 [years old] my brothers were out playing and all I was thinking about was rap music.”

Music is not now nor has it ever been an afterthought to Aaron Hill. Aaron’s natural love for music and a head for business has afford him the opportunity to weave a marriage of his passion and career into making him one of the top 3 in the world of instrumental music producers in the world. As a well respected keyboardist and piano player, Aaron has been called a “mature” musician by those with more time in the industry. He has played with artists like The Choir Boyz, Immeasurable, and part of the Todd Ledbetter Gospel Jazz Quartet.

In 2007, Hill founded the group Fruition Music–a satiating blend of NeoSoul, Jazz, & Hip-Hop–which has been called ‘Cosmic Soul’.

When he’s not playing with his own group or other groups like Clarence Ward & Dat Feel Good, you can experience Aaron’s solo instrumental performances. His most recent project, Key Reflections, has received rave reviews. It is a musical reflection of his innermost being that has made him a highly sought after performer at churches, spiritual communities, and jazz venues across the country.

Aaron–a Baltimore, MD based, self-taught musician–boasts over 30 million streams of his music and 1 million songs sold worldwide. You can find him with a strong and loyal following on all social media as @AaronHillTV.