The History of The Breakthrough Show Network

Meet Jessica Dugas, the Creator, Producer, & one of the many hosts of The Breakthrough Show Network. Have a seat, grab your favorite beverage, and dive in here to learn about the history of The Breakthrough Show and how it came to be a network!

Jessica Dugas

The First Breakthrough

Rewind to 2017. Intuitive Mentor and Reiki Master & Teacher, Jessica Dugas, was given the opportunity to write about her experience with the untimely death of her younger brother, Adam, in the book SHINE. The personal breakthroughs that Jessica experienced and shared became the unknown fire that would power everything The Breakthrough Show Network is today.

 After that book became an International Best Seller, Jessica tossed around many ideas of what to do next. While she enjoyed coaching, she often felt burnt out and left having to choose between having a family or having clients. Jessica felt torn, often wondering how she could have more impact without sacrificing her family.

Donna and Jessica

One day in late 2017, Jessica & her friend Donna Brown had a conversation. Not just any conversation, but one of those deep ones where you take each other’s hand and jump down the rabbit hole together! Jessica said, “Wow. I wish we would have recorded that! So many people could have benefitted!” And just like that, The Breakthrough Show Was born! A panel-style talk show was envisioned where people could discuss personal and spiritual development in a safe space there the audience could be a “fly on the wall” and benefit from the deep-dive discussions happening and stories could be shared.

See, through the author experience, Jessica came to realize the power of stoytelling and its 3-fold affect for changing the world: It helps the author, or storyteller, to heal further. It helps the audience, or listener, to heal and no longer feel alone in their experiences. And most importantly, in a world that has become so divisive, it brings us together! The Breakthrough Show premiered on July 6, 2018 and quickly became a place where we watched this happen on the screen every single week between people all over the globe.

The First Crossroads

At the end of 2018 when the collection of episodes originally decided on came to an end, The Breakthrough Show found itself at the first crossroads. Donna moved on to other things and Jessica was left with a decision. Do we continue, or do we decide this has been fun while it lasted and move on? It was then that Jessica received a life-changing message from a viewer that shared their transformational story they experienced after watching an episode of the show. Jessica knew from that moment, it wasn’t a question. Of COURSE the show must go on!

Jessica Dugas

The Breakthrough Show continued for 2 more seasons in 2019 with incredible panelists and guests from all over the world and more stories rolling in of the inspiration the show was becoming to so many people. However, behind the scenes, the challenges were piling up from the juggling of panelists/guests and their schedules to some pretty significant health concerns with Jessica. It wouldn’t be long before the show reached another crossroads and Jessica knew things had to change. 

Going in to Season 4 in 2020, many changes were made. First, the show moved from a live show to recorded and edited episodes. Next, The Breakthrough Show would now be hosted alone, by Jessica Dugas, without a panel to juggle, and would feature guests to tell their stories each episode, but also fun entertainment and demos to add a lighter spin to often very serious topics. 

Finally, there was the issue of a much-needed break for Jessica to be able to nurture her health. A couple friends, Shiraz & Crystal Cockerham, had mentioned to Jessica that they envisioned having shows of their own but weren’t sure what that would look like. The thought came that they could host their shows on The Breakthrough Show Facebook page as “Breakthrough Extras” allowing the audience that was already there to be nurtured while Jessica got the time she needed to rest without the pressure of being the only one to provide the content/entertainment. Rewriting Reality with Shiraz and Ask Crystal with Crystal Cockerham became the shows that answered the question, “And now what?”

See, people were inspired by the content of The Breakthrough Show but in only an hour each week were sometimes left with, “Now what do I do?! I’m inspired, but now what?!” Rewriting Reality and Asked Crystal became spaces for those questions to be answered… the how-to’s came to life! 

And just like that, The Breakthrough Show became The Breakthrough Show Network. 

The Breakthrough Show Network

The Breakthrough Show Network

Since that time, the expansion has continued through the addition of more shows (Project Joy LIVE!, Divine DNA, Throwback Thursday, Freedom Starts Now!, Money Matters with Carol, and My Way), partnership with our sister network e360tv, support of nonprofit organizations like Overcoming Odds and the Weiss Scholarship Foundation, hosting events, offering branded merchandise, offering sponsorship/affiliate/partnership opportunities, building community, and more! 

Jessica Dugas, and her fellow Breakthrough Show Network hosts, Shiraz, Donnell Jackson, Angelic Jackson, Kevin Kiley, Karen Theimer, and Carol Ward, would like to thank every single person who has been a part of The Breakthrough Show Network family! From our faithful and engaged viewers, to our incredible guests who are brave enough to share their stories, to our partners and sponsors without whom none of this would be possible, we thank you.

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