Adam Chaim: Season 4 – Episode 22

This is The Breakthrough Show, THE personal and spiritual development talk show changing how you look at and live your life! This episode features Iron Man athlete, Adam Chaim.  

On this episode, you’ve met one half of the Plant Trainers Podcast the many times we’ve welcomed Shoshana Chaim to the show, and now you’ll meet the other half, Adam Chaim, and learn first hand about his incredible breakthrough and transformational story! You’ll learn about the health scare that took him to a completely new space of re-learning all of the things he ever thought he knew about nutrition, fitness, and health. Adam shares about what kept him going then and what keeps him going now, and of COURSE you’ll hear the good news about his health today! PLUS, you’ll hear about host Jessica Dugas’ own plant-based journey in our hot topics segment and how she has used it to teach a very important lesson in relationships!  

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