Be A Breakthrough Show Network Host

Are you a person who’s passionate about personal development? Have you ever thought about hosting your own podcast/talk show? Do you already have a podcast/talk show and are you looking to expand and/or change things up? 

Maybe it’s time to consider being a part of The Breakthrough Show Network!

Listen, video is the place to be when it comes to reaching an audience! In addition, there is an incredible authority and social proof associated with being a part of a network!

It’s true, you could easily start something yourself, but the bottom line is that it can be challenging to get started and/or build an audience on your own. As a host on The Breakthrough Show Network, you’ll become a part of a group of incredible hosts on a growing, social platform leveraging networking and syndication relationships. 

Host Requirements:

1. Passionate about personal/spiritual development. 
2. A unique, enthusiastic on-screen personality who’s comfortable on video.
3. Creative, team-player.
4. A Stream-Yard account. (Free & Paid accounts available.)
5. The ability to stick to a regular programming schedule.
6. Regular financial support of The Breakthrough Show Network. (Starts at $25/month depending on show frequency.)

The Breakthrough Show Network Promise To Hosts

While The Breakthrough Show Network cannot guarantee an audience or growth, what we do offer is a supportive platform with hosts who are committed to growing together! The Breakthrough Show Network provides:

1. Established Facebook & YouTube pages to live-stream. 

2. Your own page (with SEO) on The Breakthrough Show Network website with option to lease your own URL redirect. This includes your embedded episode playlist and the ability to embed other playlists if you are already an established show.

3. Regular advertising for your show on our established Social Media Pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok).

4. Regular advertising for your show on The Breakthrough Show which is syndicated on e360tv with the potential of reaching millions of homes!

5. A priority invitation to appear on other shows on The Breakthrough Show Network. 

6. Regular meetings with the other hosts of The Breakthrough Show Network to keep the lines of communication open, network, and work together to help each other grow as individuals and as a network! 

7. A Google Drive folder of promotional materials & graphics customized for your show and branded for The Breakthrough Show Network. 

8. Optional packages to work with Jessica Dugas to create & purchase additional graphics, video snippets, other promotional materials, and even take your video show to podcast platforms and streaming devices.

9. Need something else? Just ask! You’ll have a personal relationship with the creator of The Breakthrough Show Network, Jessica Dugas, as well as a growing relationship with your fellow show hosts!

Ready to learn more?

Set up a time to chat with Jessica Dugas, Creator of The Breakthrough Show Network, today!