Carly Keighley

Carly Keighley lives in a village in the North West of England with her hubby, their 3 girls and their 3 Guinea Pigs (also girls). She’s book obsessed, loves being creative especially taking on projects (current project is a boat restoration!) and she love love LOVES Ibiza, aka her spiritual home. It’s where Carly’s first ever overseas retreat will be in September 2022.

Carly works with clients all over the world, and just loves what she does. She’s pretty damn good at it too (owning your brilliance as something she loves to work on). In fact, let’s put owning her brilliance even further into action…

Carly Keighley is an amazing copywriter and copy coach, her attention to detail is second to none. She can instantly spot and fix anything which isn’t quite making sense or feeling right… in fact, she’d go as far as saying it’s her no.1 superpower.

Carly has 10 years of running her own successful business, starting my entrepreneurial journey as a Personal trainer and Wellbeing Coach before transitioning into personal branding and copy coaching during the first lock down last year… reconnecting with her degree in Creative Advertising specialising in Copywriting. Which interestingly enough she gained a First in AND won a national student award to YET she still didn’t believe she was good enough. Carly now knows 100% that she is, she always was, and she won’t stop until you 100% believe this in yourself too