CK Ford

Author, Speaker, Teacher, Mentor, and Spiritual Counselor is a native of Louisiana, Army Veteran, and mother of two amazing successful young women. Ms. Ford is most passionate about helping others to discover their own personal greatness through diligent exploration of life purpose by way of tapping into the Divine Truth that is resident within all. By Providing encouragement as a launchpad, others are inspired to embark upon their personal journey with God/ Spirit/ Universe to abide in oneness, peace, and harmony of the soul.

Ms. Ford has served as a mentor to countless youth, an analyst and training liaison in the military sector. In ministry, she has worked with children, and has served in the capacity of adult counseling, teaching, community outreach, and in various other supportive roles, as well as a volunteer in the area of peer support within the veterans community, striving to make a difference one life at a time.

Ms. Ford is also an esteemed member of The Professional Writers Alliance, and currently working towards completion of a training program certification as a Life Coach, in addition to a Community Clergy Training Program for Veterans. Soon to be released is my new book: “Third Day Revelations” Book 1 of The Waters of Life Chronicles, followed by Books 2 & 3 scheduled for release within the first quarter of 2021 !! Stay tuned for a life altering experience that shall empower you to ARISE from mediocrity to majesty personified !!!