Christy Mattoon

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Christy Mattoon

Christy Mattoon of Mind Rewire continues to garner reviews from clients worldwide as she coaches people on how to know their true self and spirit through the “Beyond Heart Coherence” program.

Christy Mattoon is the Owner of Mind Rewire, and she has become increasingly popular in recent times for her “Beyond Heart Coherence” program. The subconscious change spiritual coach, PSYCH-K Facilitator, and Nasm-Certified personal trainer has worked with thousands of people in different parts of the world, taking them through the journey of self-discovery and helping them to make a subconscious change that ultimately makes them better individuals.

“People are fighting and struggling to feel ok. Traditional therapy has not done the job we were told it would do. To truly change, one has to become aware of themselves. They have to change at the root of an issue, not a superficial place or a symptom of the issue. Christy’s latest creation – Beyond Heart Coherence gets people through to the root of issues because you directly correspond with the spirit or true self. ” – Christy Mattoon

Christy currently teaches heart coherence through her programs designed to meet each individual’s specific needs regardless of their location worldwide. She offers a free 15 minutes strategy session to introduce clients to heart coherence and discuss its suitability. There is also the 30 minutes strategy session, and her Micro Dose course selections on heart coherence, brain coherence, activation of the pineal gland, and a host of others. She is also the author of “Change – Rewire Your Mind,” a self-help book where she offers tools to help readers achieve subconscious change.

Mind Rewire was founded by Christy Mattoon to provide people with the necessary tools to live a fulfilled life – mind, body, and soul. Christy is a cutting-edge intuitive, remote energy healer and Energy Psychologist, with years of experience working with people from more than 13 countries and 25 U.S. states to aid them in profound subconscious change. and in her best-selling books on Amazon. Change -Rewire your mind