Farron Dozier

Farron Dozier is SFC Retired Army, 24 yrs. *Veteran of the Year 2018 (Fontana,CA) *Sickle Cell Trait Advocate  *Arthritis Advocate *Rhabdomyolysis Advocate *Veteran Suicide Awareness *Landmark Graduate  *Youth Mentorship  *Radio/TV Broadcasting Graduate 2015 & 2018 (Only Student to Achieve over 90 in both Courses in Academics Attendance since the School Started in 1983) *Owner of Oxnard Orcas ABA  *11yrs Internet Radio/Internet TV Host *Inspirational Read Life of a 5yr Old “The Perception of My Father”.  *Inspirational Read Life of a 8yr Old “The Latchkey Kid of 1978”.  *Father and Grandpa  *Female Boxer Owner 13 Human years (91yrs old)