Jun Friend

Jun Friend has been a singer since she could speak!

She started around 1998 doing small gigs solo on instrumentals (cover songs).

In 1999 Jun joined my first band which was mainly covering “The Police” and “Bob Marley” in the parents’ garage of one of them. Less than a year later, she met the “LazyLemon” and they composed rock songs for about 15 years together. They did around 100-150 gigs, had a few different studio recording sessions throughout the years.

Around 2015 with Jo “Lemon” they created the concept “Cover Me Mad” and had a blast covering big rock classics like “Child in Time”, “Echoes”, “Since I’ve been loving you” or “Killing I the name of” with an entertaining visual concept.

For a short while they, along with their buddy David (great bassist), enjoyed playing a more “technical” rock and Metal  under the name “Sundays of Icarus”.

Cause Not only could Jo play the guitar like a God, but he learned quickly and very well how to play drums on songs like “Vicarious” (TOOL), “Pet” (A Perfect Circle) or “Sound of Muzak” (Porcupine Tree).

Now days, Jun Friend joined the rock cover Band “Wasn’t Me!”. They have fun covering popular songs like “Creep”, “Money for nothing”, “Psycho killer” or “Sultans of Swing”.

Around 2014, Jun challenged herself and started to record covers in solo. The goal was to try out all genres possible, learn how to mix, create videos, publish them etc.

Jun Friend has as of today, 160 covers published on Youtube and is proud to say for each of them, she wore all the hats from the singer/actor to the sound engineer, video producer, script. She learnt so much doing this and is still learning each day.

The best lesson of all being: to Entertain as well in front of the cold camera’s eye solo in her living room as she would do in concert in front of a public.

Singer, song writer and entertainer, Jun Friend adapts quickly, has a good ear and loves participating in jam sessions especially if it’s pure “improvisation” with motivated musicians