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Join your hosts Jessica Dugas and Kevin Kiley for a refreshing look back at 80’s and 90’s pop culture! We dish about the music, the movies, the fashion, the hair, and of course the lessons of the time that we can carry forward into today’s time! It will be a breath of fun fresh air, every last Thursday of the Month at 5pm Central/6pm Eastern Time!

Join Jessica Dugas, host of The Breakthrough Show, every Monday morning LIVE on The Breakthrough Show Facebook page, to start your week with a triple shot of good vibes. YES! The Project Joy Podcast has come to find its home here! Tune in every Monday morning around 7 am Central Time and kick off your week finding out how you can live with more joy in your life!

Join Crystal Cockerham of Wisdom Awakens every 3rd Thursday of the month on The Breakthrough Show Facebook page! Click in to the provided link or use the comments section of this LIVE show to Ask Crystal to chime in on topics like: transformation, the divine feminine, the sacred masculine, personal development, spiritual development and more!

Join Shiraz Baboo of Energetic Magic every last Monday of the month on The Breakthrough Show Facebook page! Call in to the number provided or click in to video chat with Shiraz to REVIEW your beliefs, REVISE your stories, and REWRITE your reality… LIVE on the show! Watch him help you and others go to your core beliefs and destroy them… like magic!