Relationships And You: Season 5 – Episode 5

This is The Breakthrough Show! It’s THE daytime talk show inspiring you to change the way you look at and live your life through inspirational stories and entertainment. On today’s episode, host Jessica Dugas is celebrating Season 5 Episode 5, Relationships And You, by welcoming returning guest Dr. Adrienne MacIain and coach Roman Mironov.

We’re kicking off the episode welcoming back Dr. Adrienne MacIain to the show. Last season, she joined us sharing her story of triumph over an abusive relationship as told in her memoir, Melting Ivory. On this episode, she’s back to share about her brand new book, Enough, which is not just her continuing story, but a step-by-step guide of hope for those in toxic relationships.

At the heart of the show, we’ll meet a new friend, and relationship coach, Roman Mironov. In our conversation, Roman shares about his breakthroughs in immigrating from Russia to North America later in life. Plus, he’ll share about the breakthroughs he experienced personally that lead him to the work he does today.For more information about the show, its guests, and how you can support our show and network, please visit:

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