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Season 2 – Episode 17: Where Are They Now?

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Season 2 – Episode 17
Flashback Friday
Where Are They Now?!
Friday, May 24, 2019

With Your Host:
Jessica Suzanne Dugas (Jessica Dugas: Intuitive Mentor)

Your Panelists:
Heather E Clark (Home & Office Detox w/ Heather Clark)
Lori Ann Davis (Lori Ann Davis, Relationship Specialist)
Tarah Abram (Juicy Conversations)

With Guest Panelist:
J’ahmad Kelly (J’ahmad Kelly, The Empowerment Coach)

And our special guests returning from Season 1: 
Lucinda Harman (Voice Your Power)
Miha Matlievski (Miha Matlievski – Fail Coach)
Teresa Warren (Claim Your Akashic Inheritance
Tina C. Hines (Tina C. Hines, Life Transformation Specialist)
Suzanne Dulin (Get a Bigger Boat)
Genevieve Kohn (Genevieve Kohn International
Tímea Monostori (Monostori Tímea)
Joliane Tremblay (Divinely Rooted: Safe Place For Spiritual Holistic Healing & Weight Release
Claudette W Gadsden (Coach Claudette
Nicola Humber (Nicola Humber)
Efe Ohwofasa (Efe Ohwofasa)

Join us live every Friday at 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern, for an hour of inspiration, positivity, and aha moments! You’ll be treated to today’s spiritual hot topics, roundtable discussion from our panelists and hosts, as well as an inspirational story of breakthrough from our guest!

On this episode we will be catching up with some of your favorite guests and panelists from Season 1 of The Breakthrough! Have they had any more breakthrough moments? What are they up to now?! Join us and find out!

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On This Episode: