Smiling Through It

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🔥The Breakthrough Show: Special Edition🔥
“Smiling Through It”
Saturday, October 5th, 2019

😍With Your Host:
Jessica Suzanne Dugas (Jessica Dugas: Intuitive Mentor)

🤩And Special Guests:
Grim Long (My EPW Club with Grim)
Laura Knapp Mazzotta (Emerge Healing & Wellness)
Genevieve Kohn (Genevieve Kohn International)
Elizabeth De Francis
Liz Wilkins (Liz Wilkins)

👋Join us live for our Breakthrough Show Special Edition episodes, sprinkled throughout Season 3! In these 30 minute episodes, you’ll be treated to a special guest interview, and sometimes even a demonstration, that will blow your mind… a little Breakthrough bite, if you will!

🗣On this episode:
The Breakthrough Show proudly presents Smiling Through It: A Breakthrough Show Special Edition.

We are women, moms, and wives. We are changing the world. And… we’ve got something else in common.

We’re smiling through the pain.

Though you may not even realize it, we’ve dealt with incredible, often times very physical, life challenges right before your eyes.

The thing is, it’s more common than you may realize. It’s time for a very raw and real look into what it’s really like to deal with things like addiction, chronic undiagnosed illness, and serious dis-ease while juggling a family, growing a business, being visible, and changing the world.

How are we surviving? How are we thriving? What do we desire? What’s it really like?

Join us for this very special hour-long episode on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 at 11am Central (12pm Eastern, 10am Mountain, 9am Pacific, 4pm GMT) for a candid conversation with your host Jessica Dugas and our special panel featuring:

Grim Long, Genevieve Kohn, Elizabeth De Francis, Laura Mazzotta, and Liz Wilkins

Whether you are dealing with invisible challenges in your own life, or know someone who is, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

PLUS: At the end Jessica will be discussing the exciting future of The Breakthrough Show!

🌎For more information about our show, hosts, panelists, please visit

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