Special Edition: The Power of Your Voice

The Power of Your Voice

Enjoy the replay now:

🔥The Breakthrough Show: Special Edition🔥
“The Power of Your Voice”
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

😍With Your Host: 
Jessica Suzanne Dugas (Jessica Dugas: Intuitive Mentor)

🤩And Special Guest:
Kathleen Gubitosi (Kathleen Gubitosi, M.A. Voice Strategist, Music Educator)

👋Join us live for our Breakthrough Show Special Edition episodes, sprinkled throughout Season 3! In these 30 minute episodes, you’ll be treated to a special guest interview, and sometimes even a demonstration, that will blow your mind… a little Breakthrough bite, if you will!

🗣On this episode:
We’re meeting the uber talented Kathleen Guibitosi, an incredible singer and voice alchemist, who will be sharing with us about the true power of our voices!

🌎For more information about our show, hosts, panelists, please visit http://www.thebreakthroughshow.com

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