Steve Gamlin

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Steve Gamlin

Back-to-basics positivity, engagement and humor.

That is the formula Steve Gamlin has been bringing to stages of all sizes for more than 14 years. 

“If you wake up tomorrow and THINK one more positive thought, SPEAK one more kind word or take at least one more positive ACTION…our time together is a massive win.”

This is how Steve opens every event, explaining his mission as “The Motivational Firewood™ Guy”.

Are you looking for a speaker who has created success in his own life and business, yet is still a ‘real’ person with the ability to communicate the steps in simple, actionable terms?

Do you like to laugh while you learn?

Steve Gamlin speaks from the critical space between personal and professional goals, knowing that true success lies in the engagement and integration of the two.

He believes this is the only formula you need to know:

Decide exactly what you want. Know what it looks like. Get to work and take action to make it happen.

As the Motivational Firewood™ Guy, Steve walks his talk as authentically as he can, sharing duplicatable steps to success, reminding us all that we have much more power to create it than we may believe. 

Blending humor and personal recollections of his own ‘crash and burn to recovery’ life story (Steve’s phoenix rides a pogo stick), he lives his message with every step across the stage.