Stories and Songwriting: Season 5 – Episode 7

This is The Breakthrough Show! It’s THE daytime talk show inspiring you to change the way you look at and live your life through inspirational stories and entertainment. On today’s episode, host Jessica Dugas is celebrating Season 5 Episode 7, Stories and Songwriting, by welcoming singer-songwriter Eyvindur Karlsson to the show!

On this episode of The Breakthrough Show, it’s the Eyvindur and Jessica show as we welcome our first ever guest from Iceland, Eyvindur Karlsson! He’s a singer-songwriter who will be sharing not one, but two, of his amazing songs with us, and telling us about his upcoming album. 

He’s also a multi-faceted entrepreneur, performer, and podcaster who is passionate about sharing his story so that mental health is a topic we begin to talk about. In our conversation, you’ll hear about the breakthroughs he continues to experience and learn how his own self-care and reflection has helped and challenged him as a song-writer and performer. You’ll also hear about the unique places he has found inspiration for his music. For more information about the show, its guests, and how you can support our show and network, please visit:

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