The Art of Listening Through Music & Story-Telling: Season 5 – Episode 2

The Art of Listening

This is The Breakthrough Show! It’s THE daytime talk show inspiring you to change the way you look at and live your life through inspirational stories and entertainment. On today’s episode, host Jessica Dugas is learning about the art of listening through music and story-telling, by welcoming back singer/songwriter Olivia Ambani, and the author of […]

Dee Wallace: Season 4 – Episode 13

Dee Wallace

This is The Breakthrough Show, THE personal and spiritual development talk show changing how you look at and live your life! On this episode, we’re going to light up the screen with a bit of nostalgia from the Queen of Scream herself, actress Dee Wallace!! Best, known for her role as Elliot’s mom in Steven […]

Olivia Ambani

Olivia Ambani

Olivia Ambani is a singer- songwriter, from Kenya who was nominated for two awards for The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA, 2019) in the continental category for Best Female Artiste in African Inspirational Music and Songwriter of The Year in Africa. She was also nominated for Soulful Artist of The Year at The Café Ngoma […]