The Breakthrough Show: Season 3 – Episode 4

Season 3, Episode 4

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🔥The Breakthrough Show🔥
Season 3 – Episode 4
“Miracle or Not”
Friday, August 23, 2019

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😍With Your Host: 
Jessica Suzanne Dugas (Jessica Dugas: Intuitive Mentor)

🤩And Your Panelists: 
Genevieve Kohn (Genevieve Kohn International)
Lori Auger (Star Energy Arts)
Ceri Connie Ridenour (Ceri C Ridenour Mama Bear Extraordinaire)

💎With special guest:
Wil Carlos (Spiritual Clarity)

👋Join us live every Friday at 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern, for an hour of inspiration, positivity, and aha moments! You’ll be treated to today’s spiritual hot topics, roundtable discussion from our panelists and hosts, as well as an inspirational story of breakthrough from our incredible guests!

🗣On today’s episode:
Join Jessica, Genevieve, Lori, and Ceri as we chat with entrepreneur and energy practitioner, Wil Carlos! Have you ever wondered: What if I don’t get the miracle I’m looking for? You’ll be inspired by Wil’s touching story and be uplifted by our discussion and hot topic during this episode!

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