The Magic of Investing: Season 5 – Episode 3

This is The Breakthrough Show! It’s THE daytime talk show inspiring you to change the way you look at and live your life through inspirational stories and entertainment. On today’s episode, host Jessica Dugas is celebrating Season 5 Episode 3 by welcoming magician Chris Howat and THE Alternative Investment Guy, Fred Moskowitz to chat about the magic of investing!

We’re kicking off the episode with our new magician friend from across the pond, Chris Howat! Chris has been pursuing his passion for magic for the last few years and is a beautiful example of driving toward your passions later in life. In addition to performing magic on the show, we engage in conversation about the healing power of entertainment, connecting with your inner child, and more!

At the heart of the show, we’ll meet The Alternative Investment Guy himself, Fred Moskowitz! While the investment and finance world can come across as a cold place, Fred is a breath of fresh air bringing so much warmth to the world as he discusses the importance of personal development and mindset as an entrepreneur. In addition to his story of breakthrough and working on himself, you’ll walk away with a few beginner investment tips AND hear about his brand new book, The Little Green Book of Note Investing!For more information about the show, its guests, and how you can support our show and network, please visit:

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