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Tom Matzen: Season 4 – Episode 25

This is The Breakthrough Show, THE personal and spiritual development talk show changing how you look at and live your life with Jessica Dugas, Karl Barth, and Tom Matzen.

On this episode, we’re kicking off the episode with Mr. Mini Golf himself, Karl Barth, an entrepreneur who created a business around… you guessed it… mini golf! We have a great conversation around creating your business based on your passion, plus you’ll hear a little about his experience on the ABC hit show, Holey Moley II! And, of course, if you’re watching on the video version of the show, you’ll have the opportunities to see some of Karl’s amazing hole-in-one shots!

PLUS, we’ll be chatting with Tom Matzen, a success coach for entrepreneurs, who will be sharing incredible stories, insights for your life and business, AND we’re talking about sharks and dolphins! What?! Tom is the creator behind more than 80 businesses, several reaching beyond 7-figures and has so much knowledge to share with heart-centered entrepreneurs.

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