Wei Wai Kum: First Nations Canada – Darren D*Roo Sprinkle: Breakthroughs Around The World

Wei Wai Kum is our next stop on our Breakthroughs Around The World journey!

This is The Breakthrough Show! It’s THE daytime talk show inspiring you to change the way you look at and live your life! This season, we’ll be taking a journey together with Breakthroughs Around the World: Conversations with 40 guests from 40 different countries. Recognizing Our Similarities, Honoring Our Differences, Celebrating Our Connection!

This episode features an entrepreneur finding his way back to his roots. Representing Wei Wai Kum, First Nations Canada, we welcome Darren D*Roo Sprinkle to the show! In our conversation we dive deep into the misconceptions about natives and reservation life. You’ll also hear the powerful story of what made Darren decide to reconnect with his Native heritage and the importance of nature in his life. In addition to his answers to our 10 quick-fire questions, you’ll also have the privilege of hearing Dorothy Oger’s For Love poem read by Darren in Liqʷala/Kʷakʷala, the Wei Wai Kum language spoken by very few people left on this earth ! All this and more coming up on this episode!

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