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Wendy Beasley

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Wendy Beasley

After many years as a columnist and freelance writer, this is Wendy’s first venture into the world of fiction and the career, she always promised myself. Although Wendy Beasley may have left it a little late, now that she is retired she has the time to devote to her dream. Wendy certainly can’t be accused of rushing into her literary career, and most people might think she should be stepping away from the computer before dementia sets in. However, she has thoroughly enjoyed this new adventure, and hopes readers will enjoy her books as much as she enjoys writing them. After so many years tied down by non fiction accuracy, writing fiction gives her such a sense of freedom where she can decide what her characters will do,

When Wendy Beasley is not out walking or working her dogs, writing is her favorite go-to activity. Despite being a late starter, she am hoping to go on to add other titles to her portfolio, and her mind is buzzing with ideas which should, if nothing else ward off senility.