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The Breakthrough Show Network is proud to present a brand new virtual community for all hosts, guests, fans, and new friends to foster relationships, build community, grow in business, and of course, create breakthroughs

Though you can access the community through any web browser, our virtual world is best experienced on a desktop or laptop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Family! And welcome to The Breakthrough Show Network virtual community. Since the inception of The Breakthrough Show in 2018, community has always been such a huge part of our vision, and when we became a network in 2019, it was inevitable. The key has been finding a place that fit us – for our passionate hosts, co-hosts, extraordinary special guests, family, friends, and fans alike. And after 5 years of searching and trying different platforms, we finally found our home – right here on our website!

Here, There will be no programs required, no accounts to create, and no apps to download, and we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where ever you are around the globe! When you enter on a new device, all you have to do is type in your name and choose an avatar or photo of your choice, and you’re in! And don’t worry, you can even change those later.

Now, it’s not to say there won’t be a little learning curve, but we’re here to navigate that with you! The biggest point to be aware of is that you’ll have the best experience accessing this virtual community through a computer browser. In addition, once you’re inside, please use the tool bar at the top of your browser, to navigate the community. For those of you on mobile or tablet, you CAN still access the community, however, the experience will not be as immersive and you’ll be prompted to open in your phone’s web browser.

Jessica Dugas, creator of The Breakthrough Show Network would like to extend a personal thank you to Richard Lowenthal, founder and CEO of GoBrunch for this incredible software, Grim Long of Grim’s Tech bar and Veda Virtual for all of the help and inspiration, Brittany Floyd of Sacred Yin Secrets for the inspiration and help behind the scenes, AND All of you in The Breakthrough Show Network family for being as passionate about community as she is!

All of that said, we invite you to use the links above to enter our space and get ready for your virtual breakthrough experience!

Yes, however you do not have to turn them on. You can also choose to toggle them off and on at any point during your visit.

You have to enter a name of your choosing to enter our community. The name you choose can be your name or a nickname – however you’d like others to address you.

For best results I recommend Chrome or Firefox. Safari has been known to cause some issues and other browsers have not been thoroughly tested since they are not often used. 

Yes. When you enter a room users may hear a sound to let them know someone has entered and will see your image or avatar once you sit down. 

Technically yes, you can enter a room from a mobile device. However, you will not see the in room menus and you will need to turn your phone to see the whole room. Users have also reported issues with mobile devices not wanting to connect with the camera or mic. For best results and the most immersive experience, we recommend a computer or laptop.

You can leave a room clicking the exit button in the header or closing the window. If you forget to log out you will remain seated in the room until you or the space manager notices. 

Yes, you can be in multiple rooms at one time by opening each room in individual browser tabs. However, you may get feedback if you try to use the mic in more than one room at a time. You may also experience issues if you try to enter the same room from multiple windows on the same device.

Yes, if the space manager has allowed screen sharing you will be able to share your screen in the allowed rooms. 

There are technically two ways to navigate the space. It’s best to navigate from the header menu. This will allow you to utilize the in-room menus. You can use the “All Rooms” button in the bottom toolbar to see if anyone else is in any of the other rooms, however, in this space we discourage use of the “All Rooms” button to navigate from room to room.