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“When people ask me, “What do you do?” I feel like my choices at that point are to either just giggle or hand them a 3 page summary! HA! I’m as multi-passionate as they come but one thing’s for certain, I’m just determined to live joy on this journey called life and help others find their own joy!”

Entrepreneur – International Best Selling Author – Speaker – Coach – Wife – Mom

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Jessica Dugas is the owner of Just Determined the former founding member of the Mom’s Online Mastermind, International Best-Selling Author of the book, SHINE Dream Big, Fear Less & Blaze Your Own Trail!, author of the Colors of the Moon Oracle and the creatrix of the Your Life: Illuminated Insiders Circle. She is a skilled intuitive empath, a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified AromaTouch Technique practitioner, Wellness Advocate, student of Astro Herbalism, entrepreneur, wife, and a homeschooling mom of 6 beautiful children. She is committed to helping women, especially moms, reduce the stress and overwhelm in their lives by encouraging them to discover a balance that works for them! As a multi-passionate woman, you can find her serving others through many modalities including, but not limited to, reiki, stress-relieving techniques, meditation, intuitive readings, community creation, accountability, essential oil education, and more.

Jessica is the hostess of 2 Facebook shows, The New Moon Mama Show and The Breakthrough, now in planning for seasons 2 & 3. She is the author of Coping Through Change, and has also appeared as a guest on the Exceptional Moms Show , the Heal Your Inner Good Girl podcast, the Meet a Yogi program presented by SadhanaOutlier Mom, the Plant Trainer’s Podcast, in The Parent Junction Community, the Feminine Wisdom Keepers Community,  The Power of Energy Healing Show on The Akashic Academy, and was a featured speaker in the Abundance Masters series. She has been a featured member in both Exceptional Moms of Abundant Thinkers and the Spiritual Goddesses communities, is a moderator of and regular contributor to the Tech Lounge with Grim, and a #GeekSpeak panelist on past episodes of CyberPunk Geeks, chiming in on SEO, marketing, and general tips for entrepreneurs!

When she doesn’t have her business, wife, or mom hats on, you can find Jessica doing what multi-passionate women do best…. it would be easier to list hobbies she doesn’t have!

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