be mindful

Energy Update: August 2018

Hello, my friends. It’s another beautiful calendar month here on this earth. My hope is that you’ve all fared well with the massive shifting of energy that has been taking place for the last several weeks. I have received so many messages since my July energy update, reminding us to be intentional in our lives.  I am so proud of you all for heeding those messages! We received the messages to release the idea that our manifestations have somehow failed in the past, to focus on what IS working right now, and understand that the things you’re doing in this present moment are healing your future! On the heels of that intention, comes a message for us this month to be mindful.

It’s easy to charge ahead.

Many of us have struggled over the last several weeks. We have been neck-deep, sometimes even deeper, in the shifts and changes that have been taking place and parts of our beings have had quite the time trying to keep up.

Once the last full moon phase passed and we were relieved from that big, in-your-face energy, we were left with the remnants of the total lunar eclipse and lingering retrogrades. While we still may be challenged to take a deep breath from time to time, in general, we are able to breathe easier now in this energy. What happens when we’re able to breathe easier is that we get excited and energetic, and those of us with a determined soul are ready to charge ahead with a new-found resolve! And rightly so! The energy that has been coming through has NOT been easy to tackle! So yes, when it lifts, it is completely natural for us to thrive in that relief!

The unfortunate part of diving in head first is that we often do so without clarity or discernment. We are not mindful of what we are doing in the present moment.

Be mindful.

Mindfulness is a simple concept, yet the practice of being mindful can be one of the hardest things to grasp and successfully practice. Entities like social media and the news can contribute greatly to taking us out of the moment. I’m not suggesting that it’s the right path for us to become hermits and cut ourselves off from society completely. What I am suggesting is that the message to be intentional from last month has come with new-found clarity this month and that’s to focus even further on being mindful and present. Remember, what we are doing right at this moment is shaping our future AND healing our past

If we are feeling a sense of relief now, allow yourself to bathe in that relief. Take a deep breath. Take a long, hot bubble bath. Sleep in. Hug someone longer. Taste and feel every bite of food you put in your mouth to nourish your body. Walk… stroll, even.

Right now, instead of spending so much energy connecting this sense of relief we are feeling to the infinite possibility of the future, breathe deeply into this moment with the faith that is IS influencing our future positively without having to charge ahead and onto the next thing. When we live in the future, not only are we dishonoring the present moment, but we’re often pushing things that aren’t ready to happen yet. We frolick forward on our paths, fueled by excitement and the ability to breathe again and then we end up burning out and getting into a life that we were not prepared for.

Moving forward.

Set your goals and intentions this time, whether you’re following the calendar month or the lunar month, with the intention to be in the moment. This means that we need to focus more on each individual action step we are taking toward our goals rather than putting SO much energy into living in the future.

What can you do right now? What feels good right now? What’s something you can accomplish this moment? Who can you influence positively today?

Think. Plan. Breathe. Release.

Surround yourself with those who are doing the same. 

We preach mindfulness, but are we?

To further this message, I am talking specifically to those who have chosen to follow your call of light work… those who Coach, Heal, Mentor, the list goes on… No matter what division of light work you’ve been called to, this is for you.

Many of us in this work preach about being mindful as much as we preach other messages that come through, if not more. This month, the intentional focus on being mindful does not exclude us as lightworkers. It does not exclude those of us who have “done the work” and “always practice” mindfulness. We are not exempt from this calling.

We are not to just teach by talking and sharing. It’s time to teach by being and doing. In addition, don’t just share when you are mindful, share when you aren’t. Share the how and the why. Show the storm of chaos and the rainbow of mindfulness afterward.

Leo is a nurturing fire.

This message for August is a surprising one for this always auspicious Leo season. It can be a beautiful experience to ride that fire energy to your dreams. Let’s not forget, however, that the heart of Leo is a nurturing fire. It’s an energy that encourages us to nurture and love with the very core of our beings.

In the spirit of Leo, in remembering to nurture yourself, take a deep breath and live for today. You chose this life and this moment in time for a reason.