From Simplicity to Intentional

Here we are again approaching a new year. Can you believe it’s almost 2020?! I don’t know about you, but this year completely flew by. In addition, it was probably one of the most roller coaster years I’ve ever experienced in my life. There were twists and turns that happened that seemed to be completely out of left-field. 

That said, that’s life right? The truth is, even if we can intuit the perceived energy of the future, it’s constantly shifting and changing by… can you guess?

Well, if you guessed the present moment, you’re correct. 

See, each and every moment we’re making valuable decisions and every decision we make is shifting and changing our future regardless of the foreseen energy. That’s an incredibly powerful realization! This realization brings me to our topic of the day:

Word of the Year

Let’s start with last year’s word. 

So last year around this time, I wrote a blog called From Joy to Simplicity. In it I explained about what it was like to experience choosing the word Joy in 2018 and my intention of choosing the word Simplicity for 2019. 

In it I said, “So, here’s to 2019. Less ‘stuff’. Less ‘over-everything’… thinking, planning, judging, doing. More family & friendships. More gratitude. Peace. Love. … A year of determination and joy, paved with simplicity.”

And it was that. There was an awareness the anything-but-simple way of being that I wasn’t completely aware of, or at least I hadn’t admitted it before. I leaned more into my intuition without overthinking and just went for things. I spent more time actually connecting with others… not just accepting friend requests on Facebook, but actually having face-to-face conversations. I was determined. I found joy in even the most unlikely moments. And just like every other year, my word challenged the hell out of me. 

In choosing Simplicity I was presented with opportunity after opportunity to choose: I could freak out and over think, or keep it simple. It truly was a breath of fresh air to just roll with it and it had amazing side effects too. I was forced to just be who I am in the moment. To be authentic and to worry SO much less about what every one else things. Notice I said so much less and not stop worrying completely. I’m a work in progress!

Another thing I noticed is that in the pursuit of simplicity, I sometimes went too far. When we roll with it, we have to deal with the consequences, good, bad, or indifferent. Now, that’s ok as long as you’re accepting of that reality. However, I realized for me it was time for a different approach.

Simply Intentional

So, let’s talk about what I need to do in 2020. 

I was originally going to choose the word INTENTION but I wanted it to feel actionable and forward moving. That’s how INTENTIONAL was born. 

In my typical fashion, I dug into the word:
done with intention, on purpose, pointing beyond itself as consciousness 
Then I dug further
voluntary, willful, designed, done on purpose, intended, meditated, unforced, willing

All of that and more is the exact energy I’m ready to welcome in to 2020. 

As I started this blog post saying, in each and every moment we’re making powerful decisions for our future. For me, I want each decision I make to be simple and intentional. This means that each choice I make will have a POWERFUL purpose. It will be a choice to see each decision I make, from the smallest ones like what movie to watch or where to eat, to the biggest ones like health and business decisions, as an important one.

I will be intentional about choosing to laugh, to cry, to build, to rest. 

I will choose my thoughts AND my actions. 

I will choose to heal. 

And even if it’s not easy, it’s my intention to choose it anyway. 

I will be intentional.

How did your 2019 word go? Are you choosing a word for 2020? Let me know!