Mmmm! A Plantiful Salad!

Plantiful Update: Where We’re at in Our Plant-Based Journey

Friends, I have a plantiful update for you today! Many of you follow me on social media and have followed me on other platforms and blogs before. As I have discussed previously, we became a plant-based family, all 8 of us, back at the end of March 2017. To summarize, it was a long time coming with a laundry list of health issues between the 8 of us. Things really came to a head though when one of our daughters suffered with severe intestinal issues and she came to experience relief thanks to help from a plant-based “plantiful” diet!

Mmmm! A Plantiful Salad!
Mmmm Salad!

What I thought would be fun to do today, is give you an update on all of us in our home! So many people ask about both positives and challenges that we face as a family so what’s better than a little summary of our plantiful lifestyle!


So how’s plant-based treating us?

Phil: My amazing husband, the former Mr. Meat & Potatoes, turned Mr. Potatoes, is rocking this lifestyle. He has lost over 50 pounds, and is no longer getting hives after he eats. He is no longer taking his ADHD medication. Phil says he feels like he’s 25 and hasn’t been this weight since then either. A “side effect” is that he has also embraced much more of that compassionate attitude toward animals and has become very outspoken about his lifestyle in order to help others. Truly.. an inspiration!

Clay: My oldest son has be doing great. He is focusing better. Having always been really creative in the kitchen, I’m pleased to report that he hasn’t lost that spark since becoming plant-based! Quote: It has been a delicious adventure!

Sky: My youngest son has always been my foodie, yet oddly enough, he’s the only one that truly disliked something! He never had a taste for raw tomatoes. Horribly disappointing for this Italian mom! HAHA! I’m pleased to report, however, that he’s now loving raw tomatoes as well as the rest of his diet. He has also always been my most anxious child and has been slowly but surely becoming more calm. Quote: It’s so much more delicious! . 

Yummy fruit!

Nina: My oldest daughter is the force behind Sister’s Sweets, a cooking program for kids inside the M.O.M. Diamond Membership. She has always had a love for baking and sweets and since becoming plant-based she now makes all plant-based baked goods and sweets. I am SO proud of her! Quote: This is the greatest thing ever because I’m healthier and happier!

MJ: Ahh, my daughter that started it all. MJ suffered for a long time with serious intestinal issues, constipation, and encopresis. I’m SO excited to say that she no longer suffers from ANY of this! She is now enjoying pain free days and MUCH more energy! Favorite plant-based treat: Black bean brownies or Avocado Chocolate Pudding… she can’t decide!

“This is the greatest thing ever because I’m healthier and happier!” – Nina (Age 10)

Mama mia!

Jazz: Jazz has always been easy peasy when it comes to food. She loves food and has never had any real dislikes or issues eating enough. I think when we made the transition I was most worried about her missing certain foods. However, she has had zero complaints on the lifestyle change and looks forward to every meal… as usual! Haha! Favorite plant-based food: Rice

Lia: My little veggie baby! She is my only child who has been completely vegetarian since birth, now completely plant-based. She is healthy, happy, and amazingly smart. She has never (knock on wood) been sick since the day she was born! (And for the record, I believe there is a lot to that, not just diet.) I will be interested in seeing how her health continues as she gets older! Favorite plant-based treat: Enjoy Life Cookies

Jessica: That’s me! I have finally started to see my weight, sugar, and blood pressure numbers go down. It has, at times, been hard to see everyone else thriving so quickly. However, I try to remember that I have had 36 years of damage to my body so I had a much further way to go. Now that I am well adjusted to no animal products, I’m moving myself into more whole and raw foods. I have experienced less chronic pain over all and more mental clarity. I am looking forward to this continued journey!

Our Plantiful Wrapup

So, that’s what we’ve been up to around here as our plantiful journey continues. I hope to continue to update you all on our progress as time goes on. Start sending positive vibes our way because in just 2 days I am cooking my first fully vegan, or plant-based, Thanksgiving! EEK!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for YOU my friends, and as we move into the holiday and the fun shopping weekend thereafter, I want to share the plant-based love with you! If you have been curious about a plant-based lifestyle, you don’t want to miss this AMAZING sale on a plant-based bundle coming up at 7:00am Central time on Friday, November 24th, 2017. Just click the image below to take advantage of it!

xoxo: Jessica