Purpose & Connecting To It

You’d think that scrolling through my Facebook feed in the morning as I’m waking up would be so far from being connected to my purpose, but for me, it’s a different story. My purpose, which I know at the core of my being, is to spread joy in the world. I’ve learned over the years that there are many ways I do this and it totally depends on SO many things. I also know that it took me a LONG time to figure out that purpose, but once I did, everything else became easier. 

This morning, as I was doing my daily scroll, I came across one of my favorite types of intuitive posts. One of those where you type the first words you see. Some of them are silly, and some, like the one today, can really be meaningful. 

Purpose to Flow

I was scrolling and saw this picture posted by one of my Facebook friends.
I’m not sure who originally created this word-find, otherwise I would give credit. The instructions say that the first four words you see here reveal your subconscious mind.
Typically, I don’t have issues finding words, but today my eyes darted back and forth and it was longer than normal before I found my first word: CONNECTION
Mmmm. I love that. And funny enough that’s what my daily video on my personal Facebook page was about last night!
I continue to scan, again taking longer than normal, and finally I stop on: BREAKTHROUGH. YES! Of course THAT is in my conscious AND my subconscious with my show and all! 
Moving on, after another 30 seconds of darting around, my eyes stop on LOVE. Mmmm that feels yummy! I think for a moment about how many people I love. I think about how I feel love even for the person who posted this image, even though I don’t know them well. I think about how that although assumed an element of naivety, that is my nature. 
I must have scanned another minute at least. WHY was it taking so long for me to find another word?
Then, there it was. PURPOSE
“My purpose is JOY,” I said out loud. 
Then, the strangest thing happened. As I continued to look at the picture I began to see ALL the words right after one another. 

The Purpose Metaphor

I realized then that what just happened was a beautiful metaphor for my life. See, as I’ve connected deeply to what I feel deeply that my purpose is on this planet, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses… but it HAS flowed. It has been easier, in general. It has been easier to find what to focus my time and energy and money on. It has been easier to say YES to opportunities that light me up inside. It’s easier to say NO to that which feels completely out of alignment. Easier to relax when things aren’t going as anticipated. 

Being deeply connected to my purpose also makes it much easier for a multi-passionate woman like myself to not have to answer to a single title because what I do to fulfill that purpose can vary by the moment. 

Truly FEELING my purpose helps me easily answer the question, “What do you do?”

I’m here to spread joy. Period. What that looks like just depends… but it always ends it joy.