Veggies Saved Us

As many of you know, as I’ve talked about our story a little before, transitioning our family to a plant-based lifestyle was a decision that changed our lives. I believe that veggies saved us then and continue to save us now!


Ever since the release of the book SHINE, I’ve had more and more opportunities to tell parts of our story that have the potential to change the lives of others. One of the most profound moments for me was my family becoming plant-based after my daughter’s serious illness. The truth is, no parent should ever have to experience that.


So, I’ve got some news for you. I’ve joined forces with 21+ awesome experts that happily back up our stance on a plant-based lifestyle!


We are sharing some pretty amazing stories of why we decided to make a lifestyle change. There’s no gimmick, no hype; just some honest to goodness true stories that will inspire you!


We know what we’re talking about because we live it!  Together, we want to support you in making even the smallest change on DAY 1, so that you can improve your energy and have mental clarity.


If you are someone in my community who has been considering plant-based nutrition for some time now, or perhaps you are already plant-based and looking to stay inspired, or even better, you want to take it up a notch, this is a stellar opportunity for you to watch this online series.


This is something that I am passionate about and want to share with as many people as possible. So now, I get to share it with you!


Snag your spot to watch this free online series here: