Colors of the Moon

A 48 card oracle deck connecting our lunar phases with our chakra energy.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a tool in your spiritual arsenal that helps you not only connect with Spirit and your intuition, but that gives you actionable, human ideas that help you to welcome more ease and joy into your life? 

Wouldn’t you enjoy creating a life with less stress and overwhelm?

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What Folks Are Saying:

I love working with the moon and stages of my life together. Thanks to Jessica and her gorgeous cards, I get to dive into my relationship with myself through the moon at a deeper level than ever before. Thank you.
Heather C.
Verified Purchase
The energy off these oracle action cards is even blowing my Leo’s mind! Y’all! Buy this deck! These are a true testament to how important mindset, lunar cycles, and like-minded people can connect and grow! Jessica, just wow!
Kelli F.
Verified Purchase
Just wanted to let you know I've received my Colors of the Moon deck. They are absolutely divine. As I held the cards to my energy the energy radiating from them is like a calm rush. I can't quite put it into words but these are special. Thank you so much again.
Ashley P.
Verified Purchase
Just pulled my first card. Love it. It was perfect.
Lori D.
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The cards were beautifully done. Colorful and vibrant.
Bruiser B.
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What You Receive:

  • 48 cards beautifully printed with original lunar watercolors by Jessica Dugas, Intuitive Mentor. The deck includes 6 colorful cards of the 8 main lunar phases (New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter, & Balsamic) and their corresponding chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star). 
  • Along with your printed cards you receive:
    • 1 Custom Rigid Box
    • 1 Colorful Printed Quick Reference Guide
    • Link & Password for Lifetime Access to Your 60+ Page, Full Color Digital Guide
      • Your Digital Guide Includes: How to use your cards, Traditional and exclusive card spread ideas, Full page meanings for each and every card (Direct & Reverse meanings, an Affirmation, Journal Question, Themes, and Correspondences – Lunar Phase, Chakra, Color, Number, Essential Oil/Herb, and Astrological Archetype), Reference Section and more!

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Created with Spirit, Experience & Love

Colors of the Moon was envisioned, created, and artistically rendered by Jessica Dugas. After several years in service to others and even more on a personal journey of growth and development, Jessica began working with others in 2013 helping them to live a life with less stress and more joy. On the night of November 12, 2018, she had a powerful dream that painted a clear picture of the relationship between our lunar cycle and personal energy system, the chakras. It was from that dream that Colors of the Moon came to life! Each message for the cards were received from Spirit, each accompanying affirmation, journal prompt and correspondences included from Jessica’s experience, and each card image painted by Jessica less than 24 hours after her life-changing dream!

Inspired by La Luna

One of the most incredible tools for life transformation is provided to us by the energy of our Lunar Cycle. With a constant ebb and flow of energy, our moon literally gives us perfect timing for everything in our lives AND teaches us how to reconnect with our soul and purpose on this earth! These cards can be used both as a collection and by moon phase to give you specific guidance for each of the 8 main phases of the moon.

Start, accelerate, stop, and rest with confidence to achieve your dreams with efficient ease!

Combines Spirit with Our Personal Energy

In addition to the energy provided by our lunar cycle did you know that each and every one of us have our own personal energy system? YES! All of these points within our energy beings are called our Chakras. What the author of Colors of the Moon, Jessica, has found is that when we combine personal development with the energy of the moon AND working with and balancing our chakras, it makes for an even more powerful growth experience! Never even heard of a chakra? Don’t worry! The digital guide that comes with your purchase gives you some pointers!

Enhancing Your Human Experience

Jessica has been known by her clients to say, “You cannot deny our human experience! I believe we chose this life for a reason.” Being very outspoken about this belief is something that has set Jessica apart from so many in the Spiritual community. YES… it’s important to connect with Spirit and energy, but in this life she believes it’s even more important to simultaneously embrace this human life. After all… we’re here living it, right?! Colors of the Moon helps you include and balance your human experience with your spiritual one by providing actions and very human language with each and every card!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive 48 printed, tarot-size cards and a quick-start guide in a custom rigid box. Inside your guide you will also receive a website and password for a 87 page, full color digital guide book answering all your questions for the Colors of the Moon deck.

After the official launch on April 20, 2019, decks will be print-on-demand at $49.25 USD plus shipping.

We currently ship everywhere around the world! Shipping and handling costs are handled by “Make Playing Cards”.

Once orders are placed with the printer you will receive an email with your approximate delivery date.  Please plan on 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Jessica Dugas is a skilled intuitive who received this divine connection through a dream, directly from Spirit in November 2018. Any and all information within the guide book comes from Jessica’s own expertise and personal experience and is not connected to any other information that may be out there. 

Absolutely not! These cards are designed to meet you where you are on your spiritual journey! People of all faith practices are welcome to use these cards! *Please Note* There are references to the metaphysical, lunar cycle, astrology, energy healing, affirmation. numerology, chakras, and other spiritual practices within the digital guide book of this deck. 

The short answer is, no. The digital guidebook that accompanies your purchase of Colors of the Moon is designed to assist anyone in using these cards for personal use!

Absolutely! Please note, however, that we ask that you share the deck name and author when using them! (Colors of the Moon by Intuitive Mentor, Jessica Dugas)

Yes! Inside your digital guide book, Jessica recommends different traditional spreads as well as an exclusive LUNAR spread created just for Colors of the Moon!

Using oracle cards is a way to enhance the spiritual practice you already have in place. In the digital guidebook you receive with your purchase, Jessica explains ways to connect with your cards, ideas on how to use them to answer specific questions for yourself and/or as part of your daily practice. Once you’ve connected with your cards and begin drawing them for yourself, you’ll see them as a powerful way to receive divine messages from your intuition or your higher self, as well as Spirit! Please note, this deck refers to connecting with Spirit. What this means to each person is up to the individual user. For some it may be God, the Universe, Angels, or even simply your higher self or conscience. 

Please email your question directly to the Colors of the Moon author, Jessica Dugas, at Thank you!

About the Author

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*BONUS* Receive a FREE 15-minute private connection call with Jessica to ask all your questions about using Colors of the Moon, when you order today!