oracle cards

Stop Pulling Oracle Cards

Seems like a pretty bold statement coming from someone who just launched a set of oracle cards, right?! Even I’ll admit that putting a sentiment out like this just 2 weeks after my Colors of the Moon launch is a little risky. However, this speaks to a topic that is very important to me to share. 

First Things First: I LOVE Oracle Cards

Listen, oracle cards have been a very important tool on my spiritual journey. They have helped me to connect better with myself, with Spirit, and provide a dose of inspiration during those moments where I feel like my creativity is lacking. I love doing my LUNAR spread of cards on the New Moon and drawing a card daily, OR whenever Spirit moves me, are practices that I hold near and dear to my heart. They help me feel connected, grounded, and focused… things that this Aquarian often strives for but has difficulty actually achieving! 

Up until the end of last year, I was doing multiple free card pulls a week for friends, family, and clients. I was also participating fully as friends & colleagues, who were practicing connecting to their intuition and giving card readings, were offering cards on their pages or in their communities several times a day.

Something Wasn’t Sitting Right With Me

After a while of this practice, or really lack there of, I realized that everything was blurring together. In the effort of attempting to be supportive to others, a few things were happening:

  1. I was not showing up at my best for my clients/followers/community. I was burnt out by popping on live with free oracle card readings on a schedule instead of when Spirit moved me. 
  2. I wasn’t showing up at my best for those I was receiving cards from. Truthfully, you cannot be fully present and give unbiased-energetic feedback when this is the 7th card you’ve received from the 7th different reader today. This also included pulling cards for myself. If I was having an off day, it almost became an addiction. Let’s see what ELSE Spirit has to say! … instead of just focusing on the message given to me the first time.
  3. I was sending mixed messages to Spirit. Did I not like the first card in a day? Was one message not enough? Was I not willing to invest in the message I received first?

I Began to Question My Intentions

When I started having these realizations I began to have the same thoughts for each oracle reading, What are my intentions, here? And afterward, What am I going to do with this, though?

The hard truth began to hit me pretty quickly. Most times I did not have intentions that were for my highest good. Many times I was being mindless or unintentional about choosing and/or saying yes to readings. I would think, Sure! Yes! No big deal! I had ZERO boundaries as to who, what, where, when, why, and how I was receiving readings, and despite what some may say, that IS a big deal.

Aside from the obvious caution of being mindful WHO you’re receiving readings from, we have to ask ourselves, What’s the point? Once we receive the information, what are we going to do with it? 

Do you want a motivational speaker or are you willing to change your life?

I asked that in my group, Illuminate Your Spirit, yesterday as I talked about this very topic. If you set the intention to draw a daily card for yourself or receive a daily card for yourself  from someone else because you’d like a focus point for the day, or would like some inspiration for the day, that’s ABSOLUTELY wonderful and is a great practice… especially for people like me who tend to be a little squirreled! 

However, when you start asking questions, requesting cards, find yourself needing new information or confirmation several times a day, and/or doing or purchasing multiple card spreads you have to ask yourself, What am I going to do with this?

If you’re not sure, or go into it KNOWING you’re not going to take it to heart, not going to consider evaluating the messages received… and the big one… you’re not going to take action… honestly, I would reconsider doing or getting the reading. 

If you’re open to receive whatever messages come through for you AND are willing to do the human work required to manifest the outcome you desire in your life, then absolutely go ahead with the reading.

For Me, Spiritual Readings Come With Human Responsibility

For me, if I am taking the time to sit down and do a card spread for myself and/or take someone else’s time to do a reading for me, that’s me saying to Spirit, I’m not only listening, I’m committed and ready to make changes in my life now.

I recently had a couple of experiences with this myself.

First, there was a mentor of mine that I wanted to work with and although I felt excited to work with them, I asked myself, What will I do with the information I receive? Am I ready to hear any message that Spirit has for me? Am I prepared to take aligned action based on the messages and guidance I receive? Ultimately, I decided that I wasn’t ready. I had to finish other things I had on my plate from Spirit because I couldn’t handle more. I wasn’t ready to commit to taking human action. So, I waited. When I finally booked, I was completely ready to receive AND I was intentional about making sure my schedule had room to take action and implement the guidance I received. 

Also, on the New Moon on Saturday I sat down to complete the LUNAR 5-card spread (the exclusive spread that comes with my Colors of the Moon oracle that you see in the image for this blog post) and pulled cards that were a serious wake up call for me! I could have said I don’t like this. or just said Wow. That’s interesting. and not done anything with the information. Instead, I not only took note, but I took the time to meditate on the message and make a plan based on the guidance I received!

Ultimately It’s Up to You

Yesterday, I finally met with my mentor for the very intentional appointment I had waited for. It was not only everything I hoped for but I SHOWED UP as the person I hoped for as well! I listened and now I’m moving forward proactively. 

Really, that’s my hope for you as well. Whether you use my Colors of the Moon oracle or purchase a session with me, my hope is that you’ll ask yourself before hand, What am I going to do with this information? so that you will show up AND move forward at 100%! But ultimately, it’s up to you!