2018 community

2018: Community Here I Come!

It’s the last day of 2017 and I am SO pumped up and excited for the New Year. I’ve always thrived on new beginnings, I guess that’s why I LOVE the new moon energy so much! HAHA! This year I’m continuing to grow my audience through community. Truthfully, my communities on Facebook are where my heart lives. I have made some of my closest friends and grown exponentially through these communities in 2017. Depending on YOUR needs, I’d love for you to connect with me in those communities in the new year! Some belong to me, and some group owners have welcomed me as a contributor… so, here’s where you can find me in 2018:

For Moms of all ages and states of life who need to reduce stress and embrace the concept of self-care can find me in the free Mom’s Online Mastermind community!

Moms who consider themselves to be on a spiritual journey who are ready to do whatever it takes to reduce stress in their lives, and who are looking for a STRONG, close-knit community can become a Mom’s Online Mastermind Diamond in The Spiritual Mom community. You can sign up on the Mom’s Online Mastermind website!

Where can you find me in 2018?

My New Moon Mama community is all about spiritual practice, positive vibes. I share about angelic presence through readings & mediumship, flowing with the phases of the moon and more. It’s open to ANYONE who loves these things or wants guidance exploring them!

Grim‘s Hustler’s Lounge is for women (annnnd a couple pretty awesome guys 😉 ) who are looking to be tech savvy in their businesses! I contribute regularly to this community with some series combining the “woo” with your business! 
Pip’s Cyberpunk Geeks – Websites & Digital Marketing is where I appear with my fellow #geekpanel members to discuss a new business topic every Thursday! This is a group where you want to be if you have an interest in SEO, social media, or digital marketing… whether it’s just for your business, or if that’s your line of work!
Shoshana‘s Healthy Plant-Based Families is THE place to be if you’re interested in embracing or learning to embrace a plant-based lifestyle! I pop in HPBF twice a month to talk about the moon and chakras as they relate to our health!
Kara‘s Spiritual Goddesses: Healing the World Together, and Teresa‘s Empaths on Fire are amazing communities where I contribute regularly as well for ladies who consider themselves to be on a spiritual journey or empaths… awesome places! They are amazing leaders in the spiritual community! 

THE places to be on Facebook!

While we’re at it, here at the links to some of my other favorite spots on Facebook (some free, some membership), where you can embrace and be embraced by those community:

The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood, Finding Success in Life & Love, Financials Made Easy, Inspired Trailblazers, Empaths – Step Into Your Power, Freedom Culture, The Coaching Jungle

So where will 2018 take you?

My advice for 2018? Don’t join a bunch of Facebook groups and then not embrace it. Once you figure out your goals for the year, find the groups that resonate most with you, jump in, and be ALL in! I can tell you, as a community leader myself, it takes a LOT of time and energy to lead a community. Also, your group-mates, fellow community members, sisters, whatever you call them, deserve your presence as much as you deserve theirs! Think of the possibilities when we all learn from each other! 

Where will 2018 take you?

xoxo: Jessica