balsamic moon

Balsamic Moon Phase

Happy Balsamic Moon, everyone! I know… some of you that are not familiar with these different phases may be saying, “Mmmm, I love some Balsamic on my salad!” HA! Don’t worry… you’re not alone! It is quite a yummy moon phase!

No, seriously… it is! The Balsamic Moon is the last phase of the Waning half of the moon cycle before we reach the fresh start-new beginnings energy of the New Moon. This phase is all about the 3 R’s:

  • Resting
  • Rejuvenating
  • Releasing

Think about it in this way. Remember back when we were little and we were starting a new school year? What did most of our parents say to us the night before?

“Get a good night’s sleep!” Right?!

Even though many of us fought this like crazy, being full of energy with either excitement or fear for the unknown that a new school year brought, there was truth to this. Before we start a new project or anything new in general, we NEED to be well rested or we can’t show up at our best! It’s that very important concept of being sure to fill your own cup before you fill the cup of others.

If you are a lightworker, energy worker, empath, or lunar sensitive in any kind of way, I highly recommend limiting your “work time” during the Balsamic Moon each month and focus your energy inward so that when the new lunar month/cycle starts, you can be well rested and ready to go on the New Moon!

During This Balsamic Phase, You Want To

  • Rest: Physically REST your body. Prepare for a good night’s sleep. Take naps throughout the day as your body tells you AND your schedule allows. (I feel like it goes without saying, however, please do not nap during work or while watching your children and then say I told you to! HA!)
  • Rejuvenate: Do something that makes you FEEL good and relaxed! This is a great moon phase to get a message, hire a babysitter so you can get some alone time, or maybe even take a mini vacation!
  • Release: As I mentioned previously, this is the last phase of the Waning half of the moon which is all about releasing that which does not serve us. This is a great time to go within and ask yourself, “What’s not working for me right now?” Then allow yourself to release those things. You can use many different modalities to do this from EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) to visualization to writing it all down then burning it. This is also a great time to work on releasing things in your physical environment, AKA decluttering! All of this creates space for the fresh energy you’ll bring in with the New Moon. It also allows you to get rid of a heaviness about you and will allow you to feel freer!

How Do You Feel?

It’s always interesting to me, however, how the majority of my clients struggle more with this phase. They have more trouble allowing themselves to rest than with the phases of the moon that are go, go, go with high energy. I think that we, as humans, often feel like we have to push forward in order to have any kind of success and that often leads to a feeling of guilt or non-productivity when we choose to rest.

Which type of energy do you respond better to? Do you find that you have trouble giving yourself permission to rest? How can you be more kind to yourself today?



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