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Jun Friend
A singer with an eclectic musical background joins us to perform!
Coming June 18th, 2021!
Katarzyna Stomska
The author of Poems With Soul returns to share her most recent breakthroughs.
Coming June 18th, 2021!

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About The Breakthrough Show

The Breakthrough Show is an interview-style talk show with guests and entertainers that will change how you look at and live your life. This show was created by Intuitive Mentor, Jessica Dugas, in early 2018, with the intention of being a platform with Spiritual & Personal development experts and real people who would inspire our growth-hungry audience through their stories. What was not originally envisioned was how it would become a safe space that would also build the guests up for the work they are doing in the world, creating a warm and family-like atmosphere behind the scenes. Since its inception, the show has shifted and grown to serve thousands of people all around the globe.

Just in time for our changing world, season 4 of The Breakthrough Show introduced even more to its already amazing line-up of spiritual and personal development topics! We added inspirational entertainers that keep us uplifted. Also, we are introducing you to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial topics that will encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to the ability to have a successful business. In addition, our friends in the alternative health spectrum will encourage you to make the kinds of choices that enable you to thrive in the current world climate. Join host Jessica Dugas each and every Friday at 12:00pm Central Time for The Breakthrough Show episode premiere on most major video and audio platforms.


What Folks Are Saying

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The Breakthrough Show is exactly what the world needs in this precise era.
Crystal Cockerham
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#ILoveTheBreakthroughShow it is full of connections, authenticity, heart sharing, hope giving, breakthrough stories!!!
Steve Stanley
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it's positive energy with lots of helpful and informative talk and interaction with the guest and panelists.
Ceri Connie Ridenour
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This high energy, informative show uplifts and gives people hope. As the guests give voice to their breakthrough moments they give hope to those who may be struggling and courage to those who have experienced their own breakthroughs to share their stories. It is such a blessing to be a part of this wonderful team.
Philip Dugas
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The different experiences shared are intriguing and touching... I recommend watching for yourself and see how it touches you.
Jeremy Witcher
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If you are looking for a way to break through those difficult times in your life and get inspired to be the best you, then this is the place to be. I love the variety and honesty with which people share their stories and I love the connection that is found here amidst the diversity of paths.
Bruiser Brosey
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Everyone of us is capable of a breakthrough in our lives. One of the best ways to be inspired is to hear about the breakthroughs of others. This show does just that.
Plant-Based Mom
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As a former guest and panelist, I may be bias...But the breakthrough has allowed me to listen to other guests and recognize different breakthrough and wins I have had in my own life. It is quite inspiring and Jessica has curated an amazing and eclectic group of people. 💪 A must listen.

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