Brian K Wright: Season 4 – Episode 20

This is The Breakthrough Show, THE personal and spiritual development talk show changing how you look at and live your life! This episode features speaker Scott Mason and entrepreneur Brian K Wright!

On this episode we’ve got another show that’s both inspirational and educational as we meet Brian K Wright from Success Profiles Radio and Success Profiles Magazine and talk about his breakthroughs. You’ll learn about what enabled him to pull through a life-threatening illness and talk about how he made his way to interviewing some of the most influential people in business and personal development.

PLUS, we’ll talk to an incredible speaker and entrepreneur, Scott Mason, who is ABSOLUTELY amazing at story telling! You’ll be inspired by his stories so be sure to get the tissues! You’ll be treated to two personal, stand-out moments that changed his life!

There are so many cool synchronicities in this episode so it’s definitely not one you want to miss!

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