Dan Paulson

Dan Paulson is an accomplished international speaker, author, facilitator and coach. Throughout his career, Dan has developed a passion for helping leaders find ways to grow business while improving the experience for both employees and customers. He combines over 25 years of deep, on-the-ground, corporate experience with the evolving wisdom of current business trends, to facilitate the most successful, adaptable and innovative work environments possible.

Growing up in a small town, Dan developed a strong work ethic and a “get it done” attitude. He found he had a talent for increasing employee performance while holding key leadership roles for large firms such as Lands’ End and Menards. His guidance led to record sales increases and efficiency improvements for these companies.

In 2005, Dan started InVision Business Development with the purpose of helping companies find ways to meet the challenges of growth. His goal was to take a holistic approach to people, planning and process while helping senior executives create long-term, sustained change. As these executives mastered the InVision model for success, they experienced remarkable growth, with many companies achieving double-digit growth even during one of the most difficult economies on record.

In 2008, Dan recognized that business was becoming increasingly globalized, and he expanded his business to meet the needs of a changing market. This led to the expansion of InVision’s operations to China in order to help companies deal with the differences of culture and communication in business.

Now, Dan has taken a page from the lean start-up model to apply yet another layer of wisdom to his ever-evolving, holistic approach to building successful teams. His current passion is in helping traditional corporations create working environments designed to attract the new breed of millennial workers hungry for the opportunity to grow and be impactful in their careers.

Throughout the years, Dan has written for many local and national publications. He is co-author of Selling for Geniuses and author of Apples to Apples: How to Stand Out from Your Competition. As a speaker, Dan has presented internationally on subjects ranging from leadership and communication to strategy and customer service.

When Dan is not in the office, he enjoys camping, golfing, cycling, and spending time with his wife and two children.

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