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Haley Hallock

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Haley Hallock

Meet your coach for living the best version of you! Haley has been coaching individuals in areas of personal development, emotional growth and stabilized relationships as long going on two decades. Her devotion to humanity is illustrated through her unconditional love and desire to uncover the truth for each specific life she encounters. Haley is certified and practices the art of identifying negative thought cycles and limiting beliefs ready for transformation. As a student of psychology Haley learned the science and art that is human behavior. Theoretically, traditional forms of therapy have brought about great changes for most individuals, but in pursuit of a lasting, time-efficient, and FUN change; Haley’s journey brought her to the power of reprogramming the subconscious mind. Trained in both hypnosis and PSYCH-KⓇ Haley quickly realized the power and lasting change for herself and others lies in the innate ability to create change on a subconscious level. The integration of techniques employed via PSYCH-KⓇ, coaching, and hypnosis serve to promote change and improve in areas such as spirituality, self-esteem, relationships, prosperity, health and body, personal power and dealing with grief and loss.

An Arizona State University graduate, Professional Consulting Hypnotist, and PSYCH-KⓇ Facilitator Haley’s wealth of knowledge leans greatly on pragmatics. If it works, it works; if it doesn’t, throw it out! In studying CBT and DBT approaches at ASU as well as training in PSYCH-KⓇ and hypnosis Haley realized that versatility is a large component to everyone’s success. We are all uniquely made individuals with varying life experience and varying cognitive distortions which makes each coaching session with Haley distinctly catered to your highest priority. The goal for each one of your sessions is to uncover each need safely, securely, and confidently for YOU to create YOUR very own change!