Iceland – Eyvindur Karlsson: Breakthroughs Around The World

Iceland is where we’re visiting on our next stop to hear Breakthroughs Around The World!

This is The Breakthrough Show! It’s THE daytime talk show inspiring you to change the way you look at and live your life! This season, we’ll be taking a journey together with Breakthroughs Around the World: Conversations with 40 guests from 40 different countries. Recognizing Our Similarities, Honoring Our Differences, Celebrating Our Connection!

This episode features another previous guest of The Breakthrough Show and singer/songwriter extraordinaire, representing the country of Iceland, Eyvindur Karlsson! In our conversation, Eyvindur shares about all of the amazing things he loves about Iceland. We also dive into the topic of how living in and being born in Iceland has impacted his music and creativity. In addition, we see Eyvindur’s song-writing skills at work as he walks Jessica through creating a title for her song! Plus don’t miss his answers to our 10 quick fire questions! All this and more coming up on this episode!

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