Karen Lynn

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Karen Lynn

Coach Karen Lynn is a Business Mentor, Rapid Success Coach, Certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach with a BS in Business Administration, and she uses all of this knowledge & education to mentor women to create fulfilling and fabulous lives that they LOVE!

Born and raised in New England, and a single mom of 2 grown sons, Karen has recently minimalized her life by getting rid of 90% of her belongings, and traveling the United States in her motorhome named Bessie.

As a co-author of Activate Your Life, Volume II, Karen Lynn enjoys sharing her simple & straightforward strategies to midlife women who are looking to create an amazing second act, now that their children have grown up and moved out.

After spending decades in and out of Corporate America, while also running many successful businesses (daycare, decorative painting, accounting and coaching), she saw so many women who felt “trapped” in a corporate job that they hated. They didn’t believe that they had what it takes to launch & grow a successful business that would give them the fulfilling, fun and financially abundant life that they desire.

After figuring out how to easily launch and grow multiple successful businesses, Karen began sharing her knowledge with others – and they were easily able to follow her simple, step-by-step guidance to also create amazing businesses for themselves using the skills, knowledge and expertise that they gained during their decades of working in their 9 – 5 jobs.

Her passion for gaining knowledge (as a trained life coach, hypnotherapist, health coach, rapid success coach, Reiki II practitioner, Hormone Cure coach & Aromatherapist – as well as spending $70,000+ to learn how to grow a successful business, sales, marketing and so much more!!) and sharing it with other women has led her to creating a popular Blog, and her newly launched YouTube channel!

Empowering empty-nest, professional women to design a life that they love – where they feel fabulous, fulfilled and financially abundant is her life’s mission! Karen loves to share simple, actionable and transformational tips with her followers and clients.