Kuti Mack

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Kuti Mack

Reinvention is at the root of the Be Your Best Daily philosophy and of Kuti Mack ’s personal story. After more than 15 years of building a successful career as a music industry executive, KUTI desired to build a career that aligned more closely with his personal mission in life – helping others.

Spurred to action after his physically-fit father survived two near-death experiences in quick succession related to a high blood pressure incident, KUTI sought to address his own blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

KUTI personally experienced the transformative power of the right fitness and nutrition regimen and wanted to share it with others who were struggling to achieve their health and fitness-related goals. ​

Wanting more people to benefit from the life-changing information he was currently communicating one-on-one with clients during training sessions, KUTI began sharing his Be Your Best Daily message and program with a larger audience on social media. The philosophy that drives Be Your Best Daily (BYBD) is that positive change is possible both internally and externally at any point. KUTI has seen the immense transformative power of the BYBD philosophy in a variety of ways, including on Type II diabetic clients who are no longer reliant on insulin to control their blood sugar levels and on an HIV-positive client whose viral loads became undetectable. ​

His clients and audiences have affectionally dubbed Kuti Mack the “Fitness Philosopher” for his unique ability to share straightforward, science-based fitness and nutrition expertise, paired with motivational philosophies that connect with people on a personal level.